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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is an antivirus protection software which is available for Windows. It also includes various checks for virus and spyware protection such as LinkScanner which checks web pages for all the virus threats to the system. The AVG Anti- Virus Free Edition includes antivirus engine, file shredder and link protections. In addition, it has paired with AVG’s Zen for managing the scans in an effective manner.

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The main features of AVG Anti-Virus are real time internet searching and surfing, protection for viruses and spyware, easy download and installation, better quality, award winning antivirus software, compatibility with all versions of Windows.


Bonus security kit:

AVG Anti-Virus fulfils the daily needs of security with powerful search engine of scanning and behaviour tracking tool for the software. It also has email scanner for better protection. The software can also schedule scans, troubleshoot the errors and view malware reports.

Intuitive design:

The AVG Anti-Virus has large buttons with individual tool categories and toggle buttons for quick response.

Strong Protection:

The AVG Anti-Virus has secured more than 95 percent in the real world protection in the malware protection comparative report. It indicates that the AVG has better qualities than other antivirus software in industry. The detection engine has also been improved to show the reduced threats.

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Busy Menu:

There are submenu options over the functional buttons such as performance fix, definition update and antivirus scans. It requires a valid license upgradation to remove the extraneous icons and improve the user interface.

Aggressive Selling Model:

It indicates that the software has a very aggressive selling model for upgrading into paid version of software.

Bottom Line

AVG Anti-Virus has improved its security tool kit and the detection engine of anti-virus software has also continued to show improvement. It has outperformed from previous year’s results from many competitors. And also, AVG Zen compatibility has been a great advantage for managing multiple devices at the same time.

Publisher’s Description

AVG Anti-Virus has continued to deliver antivirus protection with the launch of Free version and it has gone beyond the simple detection and removing of viruses in systems. As it also blocks the infected links while browsing and checks the file before they get downloaded in the system. It also helps in improving the personal data online and comes with enhanced personalized features. The AVG Anti-Virus has easy design and enhance the utility with security. It has worked hard for the optimization of core engine and increase the accuracy of the detection. The inclusion of screen locker ransomware, improved detection engine and scanning of downloadable file keeps the system more safe and it is exponentially expanding its security tools. The online threats are also removed by the software to keep system protected in best possible manner.

Change log

The updated version of AVG Anti-Virus has fixed certain issues related to the crash of identity protection components and minor changes in the text arrangements within the dialog boxes of use interface.


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