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Thus the rise of smartphones and thus the rise of tons of instant messaging platforms, isn’t it? It is definitely not easy to make a way among these apps and to create a special name. However, BlackBerry Messenger has successfully made its name a popular one. Yeah it is like most of the other instant messaging platforms, but it also embodies tons of exciting features that make it leader among all. Let’s see what those features are!


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A Great App!

Working over internet, this one PIN instant messenger as well as videotelephony application can be easily used over Blackberry devices to makes communication a faster process. No, it’s not just over the Blackberry devices. This app works perfectly fine over other devices as well, having different operating systems. Among these iOS devices received the first allowance following which Android and Windows devices followed the game. And what’s more? For using this on your respective device, you don’t have to make any sort of payment. You just have to get assisted with a smooth internet connection and bingo, you are all set to enjoy as much as you want. What’s more just because you have another operating system, apart from Blackberry, doesn’t mean that you have to pay extra. You seriously don’t even have to pay as per the respective Blackberry data plans.

In Addition to this, BBM incorporates many other features as well. As for example, apart from being able to send images and videos, you can also allow the respective user to know your location. Now that becomes seriously important if you need help. The wide range of emoticons lets you express your mood with complete ease. Or you can also make use of the provided stickers. While voice notes were already present, the latest addition of voice call makes this app all the more appealing or rather more useful.

An app defining privacy

Knowing the importance of privacy, BBM has also included a typical feature called Message Retraction, using which you can easily retract any message for removing it from the respective BBM chat. Also keeping the importance of privacy in mind, BBM makes the use of PINs. Unlike many other leading apps where just a number is all you need, BBM lets you control your respective contacts. What’s more? The fun just doesn’t end here. You can also create your own channels or get yourself subscribed to any existing BBM channel. Get your messages delivered only once to multiple of persons only by creating groups. Or for letting yourself shine with pride, edit and customize your BBM profile. There is seriously so much to do.

BBMing on PC


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BBM is definitely available over the smartphones. But, only for you, it can be easily be called upon on your PC as well. Just get your PC assisted with Bluestacks. When it has been installed, check out for the app and when you finally get it, after a couple of seconds, get the download button, after which simply get it installed. Whoa! It’s done, now just start chatting with your respective friends with no added costs!


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