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Packet Tracer, a useful software application from Cisco, is effective in dealing with various networks with the addition and connection of various network devices. This software also helps students in testing out the activity of network. It is also powerful in complementing the physical tools, present in any classroom.


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How the software is useful to you?

The application assists instructors in teaching the intricate concepts of networking in various ways-

  • Offers visual representation of various configurations and technologies
  • Helps to learn different activities, like laboratory activities, lectures, design of network, contests and many more
  • Assists in animation

Major features present in Packet Tracer software system


The software includes 2 workspaces. One is the physical, while the other one is the logical. This logical type of workspace helps you in developing logical system with the connection and placement of various devices. However, the former one presents graphical dimension, related to the network. The view of switches or routers indicates the network representation.

Modes in the software

This application offers two modes of operation for visualizing the network activity. Simulation and real-time- these are 2 modes, present in software. This real-time software mode helps users with the best option and assists them in making any configuration. With the use of another mode, you may be able to deal with the intervals of time and data transmission throughout the network. It assists students in knowing all the concepts, related to the operations of network. Thus, the learning process will also become easier with this software system.Cisco-Packet-Tracer-Sample-File-Opened

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This is another feature, available in the software, to make users familiar to the interface of the software and its functions. This help button comprises the useful tips and notes. It also presents screenshots for better understanding.


This software system offers tutorials for the convenience of users.


This helps users in dealing with the activity of learning, simply by creating scenarios with the use of instructions. This wizard can also offer the feedback and grading ability.

Packet Tracer has several other features-

  • Makes the process of teaching much easier as there is multiuser setting
  • Presents the realistic type of network and the best environment for visualization
  • Helps with real tools and gives the opportunities of learning
  • Provides updates constantly for the related network

Though you may not call Packet Tracer software as the alternate to the real tools in this world, it also helps students in working on command lines. The software has e-doing ability, which is the major element to learn the way of configuring switches and router. With the best framework, the software system for e-learning has been created for assisting the students of Networking Academy. These students will be able to know about the practical skills on networking system in this varying environment. Those, who are dealing with the skills of ICT, may get advantage due to the online curricula accessibility. So, install the software on your computer to use all its features.


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