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µTorrent as we know is an efficient, lightweight and user friendly client of BitTorrent. Much like what other clients of the latter has, there are loads of aspects like Mainline DHT, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading, bandwidth prioritization and management and so on. In addition to these, supporting the protocol encryption joint specification and peer exchange duties are also done by this effective torrent manager. Designed mainly for super fast downloads, the client has been criticized by many earlier largely due to speed issues. Thankfully, the 3.4 version having latest updates packs a punch by combining state-of-the-art features and speeds up connections, much better than before.


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Why Hype Over Bittorrent Inc. Downloader?

As a P2P file sharing application that operates on systems having Windows, it has a little installer capable of fitting into an old floppy disk. The reason why µTorrent has attracted attention from masses worldwide is not one, but a list of many. The download client of BitTorrent contained in it can perform a host of jobs as said earlier like, scheduling tasks, auto-downloading RSS feeds or prioritizing the bandwidth in between downloads. Also, while it uses minimal systems resources, it is mainly because of carrying out larger BitTorrent clients like Vuze or BitComet.

Another thing to look out for is the interface that can be combined with a series of skins. Besides, the software’s support of no less than 49 languages till date means that most users can take to this since language barriers are almost nil at the time of using the application.

Powerful and versatile in every sense, the present design meant for faster downloads and easy usage also aids in avoidance of hogging the precious system resources. All it does is run silently at the background without intruding with the activities that the web browser continues doing.

What’s New?

The 3.4.3 version of µTorrent sparks interest primarily because of the following features:

-Network Traffic reduction

-New Installer updates

-DHT fixes and updates

The speed factor of downloads is better than the earlier versions. There is a new technology that deserves to be credited for it, called ‘Canonical Peer Priority’. This does not connect a user to the client but prioritizes those lying closer and continues with it even when a torrent maxes out the connections . Naturally, the download speed has reduced fluctuations.

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Few other improvements include DDOS protection, something that most users were looking forward to and little updates.

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Why Use this at all?

  • Ease in setting up the wizard makes way for scheduling downloads.
  • The customizable user interface presents the option of either showing an array of information buttons or simply stay clean with the basics.
  • The RSS auto-downloading aids in faster feed updates

Overall, µTorrent version 3.4.3 is already earning rave reviews for having a plethora of features, which appeals to most users. The speed up downloading and relevant tech improvements make it one of a kind in every way. It won’t be long to find that the feature rich BitTorrent client is surpassing many other contenders in the market


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