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Key-logging software is one of the most important tools to the computer users. Whether you are an employer or a concerned parent, this app is useful for monitoring the PC. This software provides you with a simple and precise option for viewing at your key logs. You may get similar programs in the app world. However, Any Keylogger is also one such software system, which helps you in checking the privacy of your computer.

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Any Keylogger- Features!

This software is much small in size, and if you have installed it on your computer, it covers almost 2MB of the available space. While you are entering the text in Word or Chrome, this software will never slow down your activity.

Compatibility of the software

It works well with Windows version 7, Vista and 8. This free software is available only in English version.  You can also install the software for your Mac OS.

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UI of the application

The User Interface of this software is very simple, and you will find three panes in this UI. You may apply hotkey for starting or stopping the app. The left-side pane shows various categories that give information on Websites, Application and Texts. If you click on these categories, you may have all the details. The application will record all user accounts, and it is protected with password. You may also set time for removing the older records or logs. 

Monitoring ability

Keylogger helps you in monitoring the online activity in a better way. Though it may not be able to track conversations of two sides in the emails or messengers, it will record websites, which you have visited from Chrome or Safari. It also presents you with the website screenshots.

The software not only records the website visits but also track every keystroke, made on your PC. Thus, you will be able to have the input of any application.

Log delivery

Any Keylogger has another feature of sending log-files with the use of email. Thus, it is now easy to get log data from any remote site. You can also configure it for clearing them in an automatic way. The software can categorize the intercepted data for every user. However, you may not be able to know the time period for which users have logged in the system.

Hidden mode operation

Any Keylogger has the capability of working in only hidden mode. The app won’t come into sight of the computer users. Thus, your employees or children will not be able to know the presence of this application because it stays invisible all the time. If you look at the Desktop, app installation records or any other site, you will not find anything, related to this Any Keylogger software.

Thus, Any Keylogger is a useful undetectable software system that you can install on your Windows or Mac PC. You may choose it for your office or home use as the app records clipboard details, keystrokes, online activity and many more things.


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