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As one of the best free antivirus software packages in recent times, the year 2015 looks no different for Avast Free Antivirus. Effective, reliable and blessed with a host of premium features accounting for the success of this antivirus package, it is a fairly good idea to install in one’s system. This is largely keeping in mind that the 2015 version has added more utilities to its already existing security tools. The Free Antivirus package boasts of these and more as a large section of the browsing population dependent on free programs find no alternative a worthy match to Avast. Though its key contenders cannot be waived off, yet the free version proves useful in more ways than one.


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Getting Started!

After downloading the latest signatures at the first install, a quick network scan is done to gauge the network settings, passwords or any other related aspect that can be reported if the need for a stronger security setting arises. Later, the antivirus, anti-spyware, malware and also browser protection, in addition to home network scan and Dropbox are introduced at the time of online storage.

As far as the scanning is concerned, choices can be made out of a full system scan, quick scan and with other options to scan certain removable media or folders. Another good thing is the Boot Time Scan that deals with problems, difficult to tackle at the initial startup phase.

Features To Stun All

Thanks to the overview panel that contains almost everything to be known at the start. The Browser Cleanup, Home Network Security tools, Smart Scan and SecureLine VPN services deserves a must mention, especially the latter. The VPN functions, anti-spam, firewall and secure online banking facilities, making it one of the most coveted aspects in Avast.

Straightforward User-interface

That’s exactly how it is! The key features are placed on the sidebar while the customizable homepage allows accessing the tools used more frequently and directly. Besides, with the buttons labelled and positioned properly, status information and selection controls set in the main panel, the overall appearance is a pane-based uncluttered one.

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What’s new in the 2015 free offering?

The best thing about the 2015 free version of Avast is the ability in offering essential security required to protect the PC. In addition to the existing ones mentioned, the free package of Avast packs in the advanced browser clean-up feature to get rid of unnecessary extensions, toolbars and so on. There is also a rescue disk tool meant for the creation of bootable USB sticks, CD’s with antivirus software, the Home Network Security to monitor the entire network and software updater for letting one know if Java or Adobe Flash are updated.

Also the new Cleanup (earlier Grimefighter) runs without any reboot and offers the much needed speed that is a characteristic of Avast. The host based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to track suspicious activities by analyzing events within the host, improved Windows 10 compatibility and capacity to check on compatibility issues with any other antivirus software or performing site checks are few other attributes among the others, all of which constitute major talking points of the 2015 version.


From performance to protection, there is simply no match to Avast free antivirus software. In terms of usability, the package scored well and showed only 2 false positives at the time of scanning the files. Now that explains the growing popularity of it.


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