Download Avira Free Antivirus (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

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Avira Free Antivirus is a protection software against viruses, malware and phishing to secure the data and systems in as a proper manner as possible. The new partnership with Dropbox also offers the secure synchronization of data with systems. The security tests are conducted in the latest update of Avira Free Antivirus to deliver top tier protection. It is a reliable and free antivirus solution which constantly scans the computers for malicious programs such as Trojans, viruses, hoaxes, worms and any other backdoor programs. The Avira Free Antivirus monitors every action of user and reacts instantly when malicious program is detected in the system.


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The main features of Avira Free Antivirus are detection and removal of variety of viruses, scanning and repairing of macro viruses and malwares. It is among the top antivirus software featured in the computer journals. The known and unknown viruses are detected and removed by the software. The virus guard also protects and monitor the movements of file automatically. The Trojans, worms, jokes and other harmful programs are removed instantly and protect the system in a significant manner. The Avira Free Antivirus has Antidialer protection against dialers, AntiRootkit protection against rootkits hidden in the system, AntiSpyware protection for adware and spyware, QuickRemoval option removes the viruses with push of button. It also have a NetBookSupport for laptops which comes in a low resolution. The anti-phishing support is provided for phishing protection. The software is very easy to use and have internet update wizard for updating the software easily. It also have a boot record and master boot record of viruses for better protection.


The software provides very good protection and compatible with Firewall and the process does not slow down on any computer.


There are various annoying popups of upgrading the software which comes frequently while running the software. The updates also fails in slow connection and does not resume in faster connection.

Publisher’s Description

The Avira Free Antivirus includes protection with cloud technology and it has got winning technology award as well. Avira Free Antivirus helps in malware and viruses free system while protecting the privacy of user at the same time. It is very light weight and powerful software which provides real time protection of malware. The advanced feature of antiadware and antispyware and online snoops add to the efficiency of software in a better manner. The software also prevents others from recording the online habits of users in context to website safety. It always have clear safety ratings for the search conducted by users and these features adds to the better safety of browser. It has the feature of browser extension for Firefox and Google chrome so as to have clear safety while running the application in the system.

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The excellent protection of system from different type of viruses in speedy manner is the main proposition of the software. The constant nagging of updation is a negative point for the software, however, this ensures the security of the system.


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