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Every computer user likes to control their digital media files with the use of special software system. You may have video, audio or image files, and the software helps in dealing with them in the best way. Flip4Mac, created by Telestream Inc, is also one such software that has become a popular tool for Mac users.


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After you have installed the software Flip4Mac, you will be able to use QuickTime to run. You may also know the content of Windows Media while using the browsers, like Safari. You can also upgrade the standard version of the software to Studio Pro or Player Pro edition. This will help you to edit the imported files and generate files to be distributed. 

Import of the files

You will get this feature with the latest version of Flip4Mac. For instance, Studio or Player Pro edition helps you in importing the files to any of the QuickTime editing apps. File conversion to other formats also becomes easy with the software. To stop the importing process, you have to press the button- Escape.

Export of files

To use this feature also, the software should be in the latest version. With demo mode, you may be able to transport media files. However, the limitation of these files is only thirty seconds.

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Settings of video encoding system

This is also another panel, which helps you in specifying the way of encoding your video. These settings are deactivated, while the main media have no video-related track. While the option is in checked condition, this track remains encoded with the use of chosen codec. 


Setting the audio file setting

You have to use a panel for controlling the way of encoding audio file track. Usually, the panel for settings remains disabled. While it is activated the track becomes encoded.

Mail previewing system

Flip4Mac software helps you with an easy integration of Mail with Windows Media. Windows computer users may deliver emails anytime to their co-workers and friends. Converting and saving the files may waste the valuable time of any user. However, with the help of this software, you will be able to enjoy smooth playback of audio and video files, while watching the files directly in Windows Media.

Flip Player

This is another feature, available in Player Pro version of the software. Flip Player is the multi-format player, which you may upgrade to Pro version. You can get advanced options in Flip Player and Flip4Mac.

Moving the Compressor

The software helps you with the transport of Compressor. You may develop customized presets for encoding several files. Flip4Mac version Studio and Compressor will enable you in transporting Windows Media.

Merge Keynote with PowerPoint

Another ability of Flip4Mac is to merge Keynote and Ms PowerPoint with the software. Both these applications may run your Windows Media with the use of the software- Flip4Mac.

Thus, Flip4Mac software enables you in enjoying Windows Media.  You may try to use newer features by installing the latest features.


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