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Have you ever attempted to change any file into different format? If yes then you are aware of the difficulties that you might have faced with the tool during performing the operation, common tools are time consuming in doing conversion and some of them likewise requires proper configuration as well. What if you have an advance tool that requires no configuration before making any conversion, and what if your find it really easy to operate? Well anything is possible in the world of programs and software. One on such amazing applications is FormatFactory, the program enables you to convert different file formats into other desired formats.

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Features of FormatFactory:

FormatFactory can be proved as a significant answer for each one of those who are struggling with their previously used application while making conversion of multimedia files, and along these lines, the program is compatible with all the Windows desktop versions of the market and has different outstanding features of media conversion. For Video file conversion, the product support a range of more than 10 different types of formats including MPG, 3GP, AVI, FLV, WMV and MP4; For Audio file conversion, you will find a range more than 12 different formats including WAV, OGG, AMR and AAC; And for image file conversion, you will find the most common range of formats including PNG, TIF, TGA, BMP and JPG.

Clean lineup of Features of the Program:

The interface of the FormatFactory is really engaging and well arranged, and despite of the truth that the software has capacity of making conversion of a number of file formats, it is likewise inconceivably simple to tackle. All the primary components are pleasantly organized in the left part of the principle window, while the transformation process is detailed in the center of program windows.

On the other hand if you are not satisfied with the interface of the program, you can also switch to another theme that can be accessed from the customization options offered by the program. The program additionally offers different themes in skins for the users who like to prefer good interface with the performance of any program.

Ripping Feature:

Other than just doing file conversion, the FormatFactory also does the disc burning task, it helps you creating ISO files on the basis of user selected disc. You can likewise apply the compression into the files before implementing them further into ripping process.

Joining Feature:

Before or after changing the format of your video or audio tracks, you can also choose to join the files and get an extensive one compare to one, which can be accessed on your device. FormatFactory can fasten together the media of the same configuration.s

A Reliable and Effective Convertor:

Taking everything into account, FormatFactory can become your number one choice for making file conversions, on account of the various configurations it underpins the capacities that will give you more than just an experience. The program is a freeware can be downloaded and utilized without any subscription.


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