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FrostWire is a great sharing tool to share the files with peer to peer sharing application and it also searches for files shared by others. The application utilizes network of BitTorrent and other popular services like Cloud, YouTube for sharing the files. The other features such as Internet radio, iTunes integration and built-in audio are available for better usability. FrostWire is an open source application and enjoys the best functionality of program. The easy accessibility and extremely faster processes of application has enables the user to switch to the application from other file sharing applications.


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  • Open source application and completely free
  • Fast download speed in relation to other similar applications
  • Highly compatible with iTunes
  • Proper support of BitTorrent for faster speeds of Torrent
  • Better connection within the application
  • Updated and improved skins
  • User friendly environment


Built-in search application – The in-built search application allows users to just enter the keyword for searching anything in the application. FrostWire also have many torrent search engines such as YouTube and other websites for boosting the search speed and get the information at one place.

Fast Download Process – The files can be downloaded at very high speed with few clicks. The files can also be handpicked for transferring of Torrent and previewing of files.

Library Option – The application allows easy access of media at single place with the media library option and the playlists can also be shared through this option.

File Sharing – The transferring of files is very easy in FrostWire because the sharing can be done through Wi-Fi and torrent can also be created for sharing across the world.

Free Media Download – The music can be searched and downloaded for free. The favourites can also be set based on artists and other filters.

Bottom Line

The application has great experience of file sharing in an accessible manner. The faster downloads with the use of FrostWire acceleration tools adds up to the experiences of users. The tool utilizes the advancer algorithms of acceleration to boost the speed and does not contain any adware and spyware. It is completely free for enjoying the free downloading of media. It has less usage of resources and easy to operate by users.

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Publisher’s Description

FrostWire is free application and featured with core and advances features with integrated media library and player. The multiple trackers for websites and torrent enables the user to have faster search results and previewing options and selection of file format option saves a lot of time. The user can also have desktop functionality with updated versions of software. FrostWire has evolved tremendously over the time and became one of the best free and open source programs for file sharing utility.

Change Log

The recent version of application has fixed some critical issues of Torrent and problems with Torlock search option. It has considerably improved on faster search and download process with proper processing of sources with new engine. The media library and YouTube search has also been improved in current application version.


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