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IntelliType is a series of computer keyboards and it has released various versions for Windows and other operating system. It has been launched after the Keyboard and Mouse Center. The program has wide support to all types of Microsoft keyboards such as entertainment keyboards, desktop sets and other keyboards intended for Media Center. However, every keyboard may not have access to advanced features and specific button selections. IntelliType keyboard software can be customized with exceptional set of featured according to the needs. The keys can also get reassigned according to the requirement. The keys can be customized for opening the program, web page, files or performing commands such as Find, Show desktop or any other functions specific to the application. Furthermore, the keys can also be disabled for scrolling, zooming, Caps lock and other functionalities. It has extended support and biometrics support for advanced management of identity. These features of program are highly accessible and useful for the users.

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Easy installation – IntelliType software has very easy installation process with handling of minimal interaction of users and it also checks for updates automatically. The program can be opened in preference pane for making necessary adjustments.

Intuitive interface – The program has a structured interface for easy assignment and reassignment of keys according to the functionalities and also, swapping the keys within the application. The modifications will be done on global scale and quick access can be gained for frequently used functions.

Powerful solutions – It has powerful handling of Microsoft keyboards to provide complete support and access to all the available functionalities. It also offers effortless reassignment of keys according to the set purposes.


  • The multimedia buttons of keyboard can be utilized with user defined system and running programs and any other actions.
  • On screen indication of CapsLock and NumLock are also managed in structured manner.
  • Customized functionalities of keyboard.


  • While the customization of keys can be done through the application for multimedia keys but it is not possible to define them globally and for specific applications
  • The application checks for automatic updates constantly and asks to launch the file in background with continuously nagging.
  • Opt-in options are not available during the installation process.
  • Keys of media keys such as Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Previous cannot be disabled for third party media players in the system.

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Publisher’s Description

IntelliType is a great application for customization of features in Microsoft keyboard to suit according to requirements of users. The reassignment of different keys for opening files and performing different commands provides easy access to users. The disabling of keys can also be done for better fulfilment of utilities. The configuration of software can be done to check to automatic updates and enhancements within the program.

Change Log

The recent version of software sets up automatically and detects the existing keyboard model in the system. The new version involves different settings for every keyboard model in case of more than one keyboard in the system. The program do not support PS/s in updated version.


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