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Many of us like to use DVD and CD for our personal needs. That is why CD or DVD burning process has become common to the users. You may like to burn your movie CD or your music DVD. You will be able to track your favorite film or music by burning CD. However, nowadays, most of the computer users like to use media burning software. Nero 7 is also one of the latest applications that you can use in order to burn DVD or CD. This software supports all the new formats, like Blue Ray and HD-DVD.Nero-download-Free

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Slideshow generation

One of the interesting features of Nero 7 software is to generate slideshow. In addition to it, you may also use various effects of transition. You can set the transitions and timings very easily for every image group or particular image. You may apply effects on images. However, the software does not present you with any simple way for resetting it.

Application of various effects

The software, Nero 7 is able to do something more than displaying images. There is PhotoSnap that is to be applied for editing the images (like resizing, cropping and balancing the color).

Creating the video DVD with Nero 7 is also very simple. You have to drop some of the files to the window of Nero 7. Pick the right attributes, like music for background. Apart from these video or movie files, the software is able effective in directly dragging video clip from camcorder.

You may also save it to your HDD so that you may use it at the time of creating movie. Or, you can write it to any DVD. Movie editing and addition of textual and visual effects- everything may be done with the use of the software, Nero 7. This editing will never cause an effect on the source of video.


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Chapter marking option

Another feature, available in Nero 7, is chapter markers. The software can scan your file for changing the scenes or detecting your markers in an automatic way. You may add chapter list to in your DVD.

Nero also presents you an option of creating backups. This backup may be differential or incremental, and from this backup, you will get the opportunity of restoration. The restoration is essential as the backup is not compressed.

Restoration of backups

Bootable disc creation is also easy with the software, and you may be able to restore all the backups.

The special backup features, offered by Nero 7 are

  • Backup FTP
  • Data security with password and encryption
  • Protecting backups from virus
  • Verification of the present backup
  • Drives backup
  • Login backup
  • Features for scripting

For copying or burning, Nero helps you with

  • Nero InCD and Express with better GUI
  • Automatic adjustment to DVD-1or 5
  • Calculation of size to know if the DVD data rightly fits to your CD

Thus, install Nero 7 to avail all the features for burning your media.


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