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Apache OpenOffice is a utility software and provide improved compatibility with Microsoft Office. It serves the purpose of Microsoft Office with the same calibre level and provides alternative options to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access and many more. It is one of the leading free software to suit the requirement for presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and graphics and word processing applications. The application have multiple language support and works on most of the operating systems with improved compatibility. The users can enjoy the Microsoft office services in a productive manner.

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Apache OpenOffice is a great software and designed with a very simple interface with a high consistency level. The application is an open development and anyone can request additional features, suggests software enhancements and report bugs. The further improvement can easily be traced and worked out for further improvements in application.

Easy Use – The application is very easy to use just like any other office package. It has straight options in multiple language support. The native language enhances the usability of application by wide number of users.


Free – The application can be downloaded for free and do not have any license fees or alike. The software is released under LGPL license and serves educational, commercial, domestic and public administration purposes.

Improved compatibility – The application has complete support of programs and Microsoft office files also works in Apache OpenOffice. It is highly compatible with system.

Functionality – The application has wide functionality such as Math and other features for charts and calculation purposes. Most of the useful features of Microsoft work also exist in the software like spell check and other formatting options.


Not Recommended To Heavy Excel Users – The software cannot be used by heavy excel users because of its incompatibility with macro functions.

Improper Presentation – The basic presentations can be prepared but the design variety, transitions and templates and other collaborative features cannot be seen in Apache OpenOffice. The transition effects cannot be imported to the application from other sources.

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Bottom Line

Apache OpenOffice is an open source suite and has sufficient features for working in presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and graphics and word processing applications. At the same time, the affordable offering of Microsoft Office 365 and subscription models sets an upside for users. The offerings of Microsoft can be availed with affordable subscriptions but Apache OpenOffice can save those bucks if the fancy support is not required by users.

Publisher’s Description

Apache OpenOffice is a multiplatform productivity application for office. It comes with various desktop applications such as spreadsheet program, presentation manager, word processor, drawing program. The application has simple user interface and features to suit the requirement of users. The application have transparent work process with several file formats and languages. The software also runs on multiple operating system for enhanced support of users to support the compatibility of different systems and better convenience of users.

Change Log

The recent version of Apache OpenOffice has been released with some minor bug fixes and other critical issues.


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