Download Picasa for your PC for Free (Windows XP/7/8/10)

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Picasa is a utility application, which gives you an instant access to customize the appearance or your photo. You can quickly discover random photos, apply editing options and personalize your pictures. Once personalization completed, you can share it with your friends on different Web platforms. As the application finishes its installation in your system it automatically locates everything in the different drives and directories of the device, with this you can browse any photos to perform operation on it from Picasa Software. The entire photos placed in your PC will be collectively arranged in the directory of Picasa application in an alphabetical order. This amazing feature is just a part of a few of its outstanding components, and there is a lot more to explore in this program ahead.

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Features of Picasa

Time to explore all of your old pictures, those might have been forgotten from long ago, and now drop them into the directory of Picasa Software and create something worth attractive. You can design an impressive collage of your selected pictures, additionally fill them with colorful hues and enchanting effects. Using Picasa tools you can create a whole new album of some good looking pictures, which you may also share in public or friends on social platforms.

Picasa offers distinctive hues, shading effects, temperature adjustment tool, tone adjustment tool and some similar other distinctive impressive features in the rundown of tools. You can add a soft touch to make your look glossier or add a hard touch which will make it look like more artistic. The Picasa application is integrated with all the common social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, these options enable you to make an intent share of your recently edited photo among public or friends.

From Google

The greatest giant of search engine ‘Google’ is the developer of Picasa utility. Google designed Picasa such that you can exchange, discover, arrange, and even print photo right from the windows of Picasa application. Apart, for Laptops, tablets and Mobile gadgets it offers distinctive photo sharing options such as share via Bluetooth, WhatsApp, and Facebook and so on.

The program offers compatibility of editing for distinctive file formats of images including JPEG, PSD, GIF, BMP and video files, and it offers compatibilist to the maximum number of digital camera cameras. It additionally does a direct detect and access of media placed inside a connected external drive, and the entire photos form the drives are imported automatically to the directory of Picasa application.

What Else you May Like

Moreover, you can see the slide shows of your different albums with Picasa viewer, the slide show will be integrated with MP3 music as well. What else is left this outstanding photo editing tool? The rest formalities of meeting users’ expectations are fulfilled when you go for a download of Picasa. The application is totally free for you to make utilization, there is no subscription or license to access required during or after the installation made.

The most recently updated version of Picasa application incorporates Web Albums. To utilize this feature, you can just create an account in the Picasa web and you are done!


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