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Quick time lite is the lighter version of Apple’s QuickTime, it only includes the selected mixes of QuickTime required to access the content of the pages embedded with websites. You may find several advantages with QuickTime lite such as – the smooth and simple installation, capabilities of finalizing the unattended installation, does not allow any background processes, keeps you away from bothering of nonsense stuff, and the most important – it is smaller in size than the Apple’s QuickTime. The program can be utilized for free, and alongside with the installation it offers a media player classic, which is compatible with QuickTime Lite.


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Features of QuickTime Lite:

You can use QuickTime Lite for both Windows and Mac operating systems. For windows, it offers compatibility to Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP, and you can explore the program in multiple languages as well. As the name suggests, the program is pretty lite and offers the support to all the platforms of Internet web content. QuickTime Lite has different excellent components, such as – ActiveX plugins, and support the top browsers of the market including, Google chrome, Opera, Netscape, Firefox. The plugins integrated in the QuickTime Lite helps accessing several dynamic functions of web. QuickTime Lite is packaged with different elements, and it easily and quickly finalizes the system installation, it does not allow any background processes within or outside the browser which may slow down your PC badly, and also it has capacity to speed up the data access of web pages in the browser.


The smaller size of the program help your PC not to contribute much space in the installation and processing of the program. This way, the program becomes more attractive and user friendly, the strong rivalry of QT lite are K-Lite Codec Pack, and it is also offers a collection of codecs for multimedia support for Microsoft’s Windows PC. However, QT Lite is more advanced with the plugin feature, which enables you to access the files of .MOV, .QT and similar other extensions. K-Lite can only replace QT Lite when you will need to play Quick Time files in Windows Media Player. Moreover, the K-Lite is lighter in MBs compared to QuickTime, but in response QuickTime has more advanced features than K-Lit.

Latest Updated Version:

The latest update made in the newly launched variant of QuickTime Lite are shown below:

  • You can find the editing option in recoding of time with the new QuickTime lite.
  • You can prompt the recording followed by setting it up to default and restart the recording with new time.
  • New formats have been introduced with the new update including files with .mp4 and .m4a extensions.
  • The improvised configuration settings can be observed with latest update, you can adjust the controls more effectively.
  • The bugs that have seen in the last version have been removed in this version.
  • QuickTime does not require any subscription or license purchase for its use, the package is totally for to utilize can be found worth useful for your PC.

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