Download RogueKiller- A Popular Anti-Malware System To Protect Your Computer

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Malware software has become one of the major concerns to the computer users. That is why lots of PC users have started downloading anti-malware applications for preventing damage to their systems. Though there are several types of viruses and malware, the modern anti-virus software systems have also become much advanced.


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RogueKiller is one of the most useful anti-malware software programs that will help you in removing all the malware systems from your computer. This security program also stops all the processes, related to malware. You may try to eliminate them with manual method. However, RogueKiller will do this task in the simplest way. This application has also the ability to restore Proxy settings and HOSTS folders, altered by the malware systems. It is able to affect the function of those systems, which prevent the operation of other apps. After clearing the app with the help of RogueKiller, you may run any anti-virus system for cleaning infection.

Different versions of RogueKiller

RogueKiller software system is now available to the users in three versions. One of them is the free edition that you may download for having a trial. This free version helps only in scanning and in repairing all the errors. Another version of the software is intended only for the individuals. You can install the system on five machines and customize the analysis process. The software will also get updated automatically with this version. You may alter your software theme, if needed. The third version is the technician one, and it presents you with all the other features that we have stated.

How this software works on your computer

After you have launched RogueKiller on your computer, the software will start scanning the system to identify the common threats that may remain in your PC as the hidden application. RogueKiller give alerts of everything that is suspicious to it.

While this anti-virus software has accomplished the scanning processes, it’ll start removing the malicious files. After this step, you will find another file for text log. This file reveals all the things that the software has detected. It also displays the effective actions that taken. With the reversal of damages, RogueKiller helps its users to keep the computer secure.


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  • Solving Proxy Hijackers- Proxy hacking is a technique of attack, which is intended for replacing a reliable Web page, present in the index of any search engine or SERP.
  • Resetting HOSTS file- The users can repair this file with the help of Roguekiller.

Other notable aspects of this software include-

  • Stopping and killing all the hidden malware processes
  • Removing the autorun entry that is malicious to your computer
  • Unloading the infected DLLs
  • Shadow and repair SSDT that results from Rootkit
  • Master Boot Record analysis to find out infectious symptoms
  • Restoration of the patched files

Thus, RogueKiller software is a user-friendly anti-malware tool that does not cover much space. It works well with all the latest Windows versions, like Windows 8, 10, 8.1, Vista and 7.


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