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Nowadays, most of the computer users, who use the new version of Windows PC, create their USB driver very easily. In the past, they download ISO file in the OS for burning it to DVD or CD. The modern USB drives have replaced the use of DVD and CD because it is of the right size and speed. Moreover, it is also portable to the users. With the help of bootable drivers, you may be able to prepare USB drive for installing OS. However, to make your job easier, you can use the software, like Rufus, which makes this complete process so simple.


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Various situations where you can use Rufus

Rufus is one of the small useful tools, which you can use in for creating and formatting bootable USB drives. This drive may be a memory stick or USB key. You can use the software for

  • Creating a media to install USB from your ISO
  • Working on a system with no installation of Operating System
  • Flashing any firmware, related to DOS or BIOS
  • Running any utility that is of very low level

Though Rufus is very small in size, it is able to meet all the needs of users.

Akeo Consulting has created the open source application, Rufus, and you may use it on Windows OS for the creation of bootable flash drives.

Features of the Software

Rufus has a very simple UI, and thus, there is no need of much technical skill to use this software. There are various fields, where you have to add information. For instance, size of cluster, partition, chosen device and other details are essential to use the software.

Rufus assists in generating bootable drive, which may enable you in recovering a system, while any wrong thing occurs. If the computer cannot be started, the disk, created by you, will also help in booting into System Recovery mode.

Though the user interface of Rufus is much small, it is able to find out various system devices, Most of the users of Windows computers may like to use a default scheme of partition.

However, Rufus is able to deal with GPT and MBR for your UEFI systems. The menu of File System includes the format of USB- FAT32 or FAT. Rufus presents tailored Cluster and various options for Format. It is intended for encoding FreeDOS and MS-DOS disk. You may also develop ISO image for burning it to your disk.

Rufus covers the space of almost 932 kilobytes, and thus, the usage of memory may not be the issue to the system users. The best fact is that there is no need of installing the software. Presently, it can deal with more than one language. This is also able to work with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows OS.

Rufus 2.16 includes the ability updating the system automatically. This new version also helps in checking those updates. So, use the latest version of this software and create your bootable drive.


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