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Skype is one of the most popular instant messaging service and used globally. It is a free voicer-over IP and messaging service provider. The users can make video and voice calls to users of Skype and also, they can call on regular mobiles and landlines on low rates with use of premium accounts and subscription. The online chat is free and the application is used widely to have free communications globally. Skype uses peer to peer technology to connect users on different platforms such as desktop, mobile and tablet.


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Calling – Skype let users to make free voice and video calls after creation of their profile of Skype. The other users can be searched by looking their names in the directory. The voice comes with secure file transfer with end to end encryption. The video chat is also available on high bandwidth connections for better communications. The features of Screenshare, text chat, and video conferencing are exceptional in the market.

Convenient Use – The user interface of Skype is very user friendly and all the basic messaging services can be used such as profile, contacts access, history, online status are displayed to users. Also, the options of search box, directory and group options are available in premium services.

Call Quality – The quality of call on Skype completely depends on the internet connections and it is a hybrid peer to peer system in which they provide better quality of sound and VoIP services. The slow internet connections may lead to interrupted voice calls and pixelated video calls. The button of call quality will provide information about the expected call quality of contacts depending upon their speed of internet connections.


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Integration of contacts – The contacts of users can be imported from Microsoft, Facebook etc. to keep them all collected at one place.

Screenshare – This benefit of program helps in sharing the screen with other users during the Skype call and it is very helpful while making calls for personal and professional purposes.


Duplicate contacts – The contacts can be imported from various sources but it adds everyone from the list and make duplicate contacts. And then after, the user have to look and delete the duplicate contacts manually.

Bottom Line

Skype is very popular for voice and video calling services. Although the call quality gets down at time because of internet connection but its ubiquity makes it a very good option for free calling and chat. It also provide very reasonable rates for calling regular mobiles and landlines. It has an intuitive and streamlined interface.

Publisher’s Description

Skype enables the users to make voice and video calls worldwide. Moreover, the peer to peer technology enables to connect with users on multiple platforms. The exceptional features such as SkypeOut, conference calling, secure file transfer, Screenshare is used by most of the users. The program also have extensive focus on quality of audio and video with encryption methods.

Change log

The updated version of program includes enhancements, minor bug fixes and some unspecified updates.


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