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Spybot is a free application for spyware and malware detection and removal. The application can be utilized for protect computers against spyware and malware risks and attacks. The Spybot tool is very useful as it is very lightweight and runs in the background without any interruption to other activities. It actively identify threats appearing on the computer and removes the treats in background without any disturbance to the current activities of system.


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Free – The software is completely free for users and detects malware and spyware in an efficient manner. It is free for personal use but have licenses for commercial uses. The application is combined with speedy scans, frequent updates and have wide variety of tools such as immunization, file scan, Quarantine update. The advanced tools such as Start-up, reporting and rootkit scans are also available in the application.

Reliability factor – The application is a free tool since 1990s and there are continuous updaters and additions of features in the software. The user will be prompted for registry and it can be switched easily from manual to automatic protection mode. Spybot is easy to use for most of the users because it runs automatically in the background according to set times and offers wide number of advanced tools and features for better experiences of users.

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Hidden tools – The basic tools are free for users and even, the user need not to pay for updates but some hidden tools remain locked in the application and requires payment for upgrade. The hidden features are system repair, secure shredder, Boot CD creator, Phone scan etc. They are important parts of software and clarifies for payment to unlock the options.

Removed tools – Some of the favourite tools are removed such as TeaTimer and other utility options. New tools are also available but most of the new tools costs money. The application can not be considered as a complete solution for antivirus suite and frequent users may face problems because of changes in application.

Bottom Line

It is one of the most reliable malware and spyware detector and remover and ideal for suspecting the problem and ensuring better protection of system. The software has additional features and services with no cost unlike other anti-virus software applications.

Publisher’s Description

Spybot detects large number of adware files and defected modules in the system and also cleans program and tracks of web usage in the system. It provides even better protection while sharing the computer. The complete elimination of spyware and malware are sent directly to the file shredders for complete protection. The advanced users can also fix inconsistencies in registry related to the installation of malicious programs. The handy updates and addition of features allows the application to have most recent listing of adware, spywares and dialers and other malicious programs.

Change Log

The recent version of Spybot has fixed bugs for proxy settings, and fixed the problems while updating the bdcore.dll in application for enhancing the usability of application n considerable manner.


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