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TeamViewer is an application which allow users to connect remotely to multiple computers. There are various remote control applications which allows control of different systems but TeamViewer is extremely accessible and powerful in this context. The free version of application can be used for non-commercial purposes. Whether managing the IT department or helping someone for fixing their computer, this application can be used remotely and get connected to the computer in a very quick manner. This application have remote control of multiple work stations with various innovative tools and options. It provides almost everything free for non-commercial users such as file sharing, desktop sharing, remote control access, webcam viewing capabilities, VoIP and other additional features. TeamViewer is the easiest and fastest remote control software to set up and use which makes it a top pick for remote control software.


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Efficient Control: TeamViewer provides access to all the parties who have access to the software and connect the session. The computer control can be passed to different individuals instead of being a one way street as this is the case with similar software’s.

Team Sessions: The TeamViewer has a name with a valid reason as it is capable of including multiple parties in a single connection. It is a great tool for managing the teams of employees as it also provides switching back and forth in due course of time. The multiple connections can be sorted in different tabs for making it easy and organized according to the requirement.

File Transfer: The file transfer is a very useful feature as it has the ability to drag and drop from one computer to another. The problem of one computer can be resolved easily and the required files can be transferred easily instead of wasting time in downloading the files.


TeamViewer is a monitoring software and the inbuilt software of this program detects and monitors the commercial use as it requires license for using the software commercially. This monitoring raises questions about the privacy of activities even in case of legitimate use of application.

Bottom Line

TeamViewer is an ideal solution to allow multiple remote control sessions and allows to access your own computers remotely or connect with machines of friends and family. The free version of TeamViewer is a good option as non-technical individuals can also use the application for establishment of connection to multiple computers. The easy access and faster speed makes it the most efficient remote control application available in the market.


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Publisher’s Description

TeamViewer is a multi-usage application for desktop sharing, remote control and transferring of file which works behind NAT proxy and any other firewall settings. TeamViewer can be operated without the long installation process and can be started with automatic partner IDs on both the connecting computers. The partner IDs need to be entered in the application and establishment of connection will be conducted immediately for the users.

Change Log

The updated version of application includes enhancements, connectivity updates and minor bug fixes in the system.


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