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Trillian is one of the most efficient and popular standalone IM programs which works well with variety of chat groups, applications and social networks. The programs let the users follow conversations on mobile without any security issues with safe and informed policies. Trillian has complete range of features with skinnable chat client and supports Yahoo, IRC, Messenger, AIM, ICQ, MSN, etc. The capabilities of support features is remarkable with the unique functionalities of Trillian. The program works on the clean boot and minimal queries on internet to handle heavy chat groups. The user have to create account by entering their user names and passwords of multiple chat applications/social network applications. After signing up, the specific network has to be selected to check the site and Trillian asks for access of data and posting to friends as same as other networks. After providing access to Trillian, electronic tones need to be set for the launch of program. After logging into the account, the features of program can be accessed with multiple networks. The program also take care of the nagging issues with several chat applications and the handling of large number of network is done in an organized manner.


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Trillian also helps in preventing the problems of annoying messages and notifications and also, falling behind the conversations of social network. The feeds, conversation threads, messages and history can be accessed easily with one application in an easy manner. The integrated access to multiple network and connection with social group enhances the utility of application in efficient manner.


  • Access of message history
  • Tabbed messaging access
  • Status changes globally (all network at once)
  • Notifications from contacts
  • Docking features
  • Advanced system for triggering specific events based on the clients
  • Wide range of emoticons
  • Instant lookup and integration options
  • Systray notifications
  • Overview of feeds, conversations and messages
  • Shell extensions for transferring the files.


  • Multiple support of IM protocols
  • Interacts and displays social networks at one place
  • New windows can be created from contacts
  • Web based IM


  • Installation process is difficult
  • No video support in AIM
  • Various fly-out menus.

Bottom Line

The program is an excellent update for multi-services and instant messaging client and end number of features. The other applications may surpass Trillian in specific considerations but service offerings and functionalities of program is far reaching than any other program in market.

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Publisher’s Description

Trillian is power packed with features and standalones which supports various chatting clients on Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Email, Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, IRC, Bonjour, MySpace, AIM etc. It helps in managing the wide social networks and have capabilities of most of the original network clients. It also supports video and audio features, file transfers, group chats, message history, simultaneous connections to network, proxy support, notifications of typing and encrypted messaging.

Change Log

The updated version of Trillian has fixed the problem of Google connectivity and also, issues with POP# connectivity has been resolved. The problems with crashes of Facebook connectivity has been resolved. It has also fixed the issue s with longer passwords and OpenFire connectivity.


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