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VLC Media player as the name suggests is a media player, which runs various media files on it. VLC Media Player better known as VLC is a very widely used, freely accessible media player. VLC was first launched in February 2001 about 14 years ago and ever since its developers have been upgrading and making the application all more user friendly and robust. VLC is an open source media player. Its popularity is largely owned to its feature of supporting multiple types of files and ease which it provides to users. VLC comes with a whole lot of features and most strikingly it comes without a price tag. It is one of the very few media players which are available on almost every platform which is used nowadays.



VLC possess various striking and high end features. The first being the Flexibility. VLC supports MPEG, MP4, WMV, FLV and a whole range of file formats. This gives it an upper hand over various other media players. Sound of the video can also be increased up to 200% thereby allowing the speakers to work harder, but give good sound in open areas.

Another feature of VLC is very basic yet very helpful. VLC allows users to put subtitles along with the video by just adding the SRT file to the video. It also allows users to manage speed with which they want subtitles to pass along. Depending on the requirement its speed can be reduced or increased. Hence, giving a lot of comfort to users.

The speed of the video can also be managed or manipulated. Video can be played in slow motion and also very fast as and when needed. HD files of 1080p and 4K are supported by VLC player. Even Videos with broken codec can be repaired and played in this player.

User Interface

User Interface of VLC is very basic. Basic appearance allows users to swiftly understand the player and become comfortable with the player. UI of VLC media player has almost been same since it was first launched. Various skins are also available for this player, but often they are not supported by the Operating System. The lower portion contains a bar which moves as the video covers time, called a seek bar. Instances of videos can be jumped using this bar. Just below the bar are buttons to stop, pause, resume, fast forward, backward, etc. which increases accessibility. The portion above video consists of the menu bar. Almost all the functions can be accessed from this portion.


VLC media player is a one stop solution for playing all types of media formats. The codec feature along with various others enhances the experience of using VLC media player. The basic UI might fool you for few minutes but its features make a mark among its users. The various files supporting feature add to the party. Sound and subtitles are additional features which attracts users towards this player. VLC is a must for all devices.


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