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VMware Player is a program, which permits you to run numerous virtual machines on your computer OS and effortlessly juggle them. For instance, you can have Windows XP introduced on top of your Windows 7. The client interface of the application is standardized. You can make another virtual machine, which would be included at the highest point of your library.


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Creating Another virtual Machine:

The principal step obliges you to determine the source file. Along these lines, you can introduce it from a disc or from an ISO file placed on any other source. Else, you can select to install the individual virtual machine later.

What’s more, you can choose the system’s OS, which can be Linux, Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris or other, and in addition select the rendition, for instance Windows XP Professional. Presently you can give your new virtual machine a name and determine its yield catalog, and assign its greatest disk size (in GB).

Besides, you can store the virtual disk as a solitary file or split it into numerous ones. The recent choice improves the procedure of moving the virtual machine to another PC however it could decrease execution on huge discs. Just before completing the procedure, you can see the name, area, variant, OS, HS, memory, system connector and different gadgets related to your new virtual machine.

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Brilliant virtualization Software

VMware Player takes up a moderate measure of framework assets and contains a well-drawn help record. We haven’t run over any issues amid our tests and firmly prescribe VMware Player to all clients.


  • The product does not require higher hardware requirements
  • The procedure of creating a new VM is pretty easier with this program
  • The program offers support of “Drag and Drop” for client and host machines
  • The upstream VMware items are also supported from the program in Windows desktops
  • The program also supports multiple screen setup
  • In Windows XP, it offers its support better


  • The program cannot be fully utilized by users, and especially for commercial users it requires a licence purchase.
  • The performance of application is less effective.
  • Sometimes the program lags hardware compatibility.
  • The program is not so portable with respect to other application.
  • Still requires update to fix some issues that can be faced with the current variant of program.

Change Log:

If you are not using the latest variant of the program then you are missing a lot from the program newest functionality. A series of new and innovative features have been added with the updated release of VMware. Firstly, the program has offered its support for newly launched Windows OSs such as Windows 8.1 and 10.

With the support of Windows new Oss, there are list of functionality added in the version that could be found below!

  • You can find update for Windows 8.1
  • You will get the Windows Server R-2 2012
  • Also you can find the technical preview of Window 10 as an Experimental support
  • Support for other OS such as Ubantu 14.10 is also offered by the program
  • Support for Linux 7 (Red Hat Enterprise)
  • Support for CentOS 7
  • Support of OpenSUSE 13.2

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