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Windows Live Messenger is an important application of the messaging app market, the application is a latest update of MSN Messenger and follows the same pattern of messaging. It incorporates a wide range of communication components in its program, which includes Video calling, files and documents exchange, text messaging and voice calling.


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Performance of User Interface:

The processes of online communication has become easier and smother by connecting Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! together. This permits you to make conversations from any of the messenger, as the databases of the both the platform are now same. Though, you might find a bit difference between the interfaces of both the application, such as the position of the web cam is different in both applications. Remarkably, you will enjoy the Microsoft’s application better using its web cam, which is right in the conversation tab of the program. This way, the application permits the clients a better chatting experience with the offered user interface. Moreover, as per the testing is made, the features of the application related with camera access works flawlessly, which means now – attending important and official video conferences have become easier for you. Another valuable property of the program is the ability of linking other giant social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Hence, you share anything with the program your friends corresponding to the social platform can find your posts actively.

Effortlessly Share your most loved pictures with the companions:

Sharing photographs and different documents has now become the simplest task with the new Windows Live Messenger. You can without much of a stretch make a ‘Sharing Folders’ and use it for sending documents to another person by means of the well-known drag and drop technique. The interface of the program stays user friendly and interactive as well. Also, you will hardly face minor issues on using application with its amazing menu options and setting. Although application contains advertisement banners within the program, but you will not face any with them as well, because the banner of ads are kept at the bottom of the program window.

In light of mentioned features of the program, Windows Live Messenger is safe to use with trust of Microsoft Corporations. Windows Live Messenger is a simple to utilize application of internet field, it does precisely whatever you expect with the program and packs propelled components under a lovely interface.

Window Live Messenger for Smartphone:

You can also get Windows Live Messenger application for smartphones as well, to make conversations with your friends you can actively take support of this program.

The program is very light in weight that is just in MBs, you can use the application in any of commonly used Windows operating system. The program is released in the market as a freeware. Microsoft Corporation, the developer of the program boosts the trust in the program offering worldwide with support of multiple languages. The application has been improvised compared to predecessor MSN messenger.


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