Download WinPatrol – Prevent Your Computer System From Malware

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Computer malware and viruses cause nuisance to most of the PC users. Removable devices, like memory cards and pen drive, can be the source of those viruses. However, internet is the most common factor that spreads virus to any computer. To prevent these issues, many software manufacturers have released anti-virus tools.


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WinPatrol is also one of the effective tools, protecting your computer from various threats, like Trojans, Ransomware and Script Attacks. This software works well by preventing the ability of malware to do any action against the computer.

You can get 2 options for downloading the software- WinPatrol- Paid and free version.

Features that you get in WinPatrol

  • Alert message hiding

You will find the feature only in WinPatrol PLUS version. For various alert types, the default activity may also be set.

  • Change detection to IE Home pages

The users can set a time for checking whether anyone has hijacked the home page of IE browser.

  • File Types

You can get the File Type list that prevents all the changes. There is no need of being concerned of having an alert for any attempted modification.

  • Restart File change detection

It is another good option, helping the users in observing all the modifications done for WININIT.INI. This is a file for configuration, which assists the users for deleting the file while rebooting the system.

  • Registry cleaning

Another ability of WinPatrol is to save information on Startup Programs. While you like to eliminate the entries of software by registry cleaner, it can delete the program-related data.

  • Backup feature

While running WinPatrol version 2007, you can find one backup file, developed in the folder of the software. For the restoration of original programs or for removing the software, you have to hit the file name.

  • Full Report

You may click on this option for creating a list of available information and Startup Programs. The report will surely be useful to get reference in future and to find out changes.


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  • File deletion on rebooting

After the removal of any risky, suspicious program from your system, you may find that it is still present there. You have to give click on this program title and choose the option for deleting files on computer reboot. Before starting Windows, files can get deleted. However, remember that you may not be able to get back your files after its deletion. Thus, you have to apply this option, only if there is no need of that file.

  • Tasks scheduling

As a WinPatrol user, you will be able to find the tasks, which are to be operated on the PC. While choosing the item, you may click on Info option to see all the details of the tasks. There is a timer and stopwatch for changing the frequency of checking process.

Thus, you can get all these features by downloading WinPatrol. You won’t be having any problem in doing your works in the computer, while WinPatrol checks the system constantly. Download the latest version of WinPatrol to avail all its features.


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