DVDShrink – Free Download (Windows and Mac)

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DVDShrink is utility program, which is used to create backup of your DVD discs. You can utilize this product in place of software or with the software, which help you burning or copying your DVD discs to another. DVDShrink will likewise copy the content for your DVD and creates backup. Even if your are not interested in uninstalling your regular burning software like Nero, no problem you can use the content created from DVD shrink to burn in your DVD using your regular software like Nero. The file format of backup file created from DVDShrink is compatible with other common burning software for further use.


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Why Use DVDShrink?

Most of the DVDs are designed such that they do not permit your program to create a copy or backup of the content placed inside. The major issue your program faces it the encryption made with the content of the DVD which prevents the content from being duplicated to the other disc or drive. If this issues is somehow taken over by you, you can easily make a duplicate copy of the disk. Well! You can do this using DVDShrink, it beats the problem with its built in decryption program which amazingly help you creating backup of the file ever after a file is secured and protected.

Now the next major issue is also not all that simple to figure out, that is Most of the DVDs featuring Video content are bigger in capturing space, also it does not permit any modification while burning it into the DVD disk. But with DVDShrink, you can figure out the issue by simply compressing or shrinking the content of the DVD from the original disk.

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DVDShrink likewise permits you to create your DVD content, you can construct your own composition from different sources of DVDs. For this, you can simply select multiple separated parts from selected DVDs and convert them into a whole new composition with new disc using DVDShrink. In this manner you can preserve more space, create backup, and also get enhanced quality on viewing the backup content.

The foremost reason of adopting DVDShrink is, it can be used by you for free!


Utilizing this product is kept illegal in some countries, as the product might help users to utilize the copyrighted content without the permission of its owner. While, countries such as Germany are allowing the product to be used in public and creating backup of DVD content.


You can use DVDShrink in two fundamental modes – Reauthor and Full Disk modes. The Reauthor mode is the advance mode, where the interface permits you to pick and personalize the main components of the DVD such as – sound tracks, subtitles, main title, menus or Special Features and create a compressed DVD. Although you could be asked to pay for utilizing some special events of DVDShrink such as adding your main media clip in the beginning of the DVD content. Yet the compression of the content made in DVD disc is totally free with DVDShrink.

In Full Disk mode, DVD Shrink permits you to create an accurate copy of the content and you cannot make any personalization with the content of the disc. Through you can delete the subtitles of video content in this mode as well. Also there are some common customization can be made with this mode of DVDShrink.


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