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Behind every awesome looking website is the browser, which accurately renders its css, js or html properties. There are tons of web browsers available in the market including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. Mozilla Firefox is the second most used web browser, first being Chrome with over 56% of global users on different platforms. Firefox is available for variety of operating systems including Microsoft, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and Firefox OS.

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Firefox is a freeware and open source browser, which officially rolled out in 2002 by Mozilla Foundation, under name ‘Phoenix’. Rebranding of the browser was done in 2004, which proved to a great success. However, this was not the only instance of its rebranding, as the Firefox is an improvised name of Firebird, which was changed due to some unknown reason.


Firefox uses Gecko Layout engine for rendering web pages, which supports current web standards including HTML5 support. This engine is different for different browsers, as for chrome and safari webkit and webkit2 engines are used. There are plenty of other features available which makes this browser handy.

Sync and Security

Like chrome, Firefox also allows to sync data onto its cloud server. Although, this data synchronization is not much efficient as it would only backup bookmarks and saved pages on cloud; neither the passwords nor the extensions would be synchronized.

Unlike Chrome, Firefox has enhanced security features, as it allows to add a master security password for accessing the administrative accounts. This is very useful for systems where more than one user use the browser or where guest browsing is required. Another feature in the same context is ‘private browsing’, which gives an added security in case of accessing online bank accounts from public devices.

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User Interface and Extensions

Interface of Firefox is intuitive and looks best among its category. The interface might be considered have been built in close proximity, although there are many major innovative changes. The omnibox is borrowed, although a search bar is still present, which allows to search on multiple search engines including Yahoo, Bing, etc. Address bar, search bar and extensions shortcuts have been integrated to a single line, making it a bit more spacious. Besides this there are tons of themes waiting on your way to be applied. These themes are free too as the browser is.

Extension forms the basis of using this browser, as the same was first to innovate such plugins and extensions. There are tons of extensions based on different category, which are quite useful. Some of the commonly used extensions are adblock plus, last pass, greasemokey, etc. Tabs pinning has also been introduced in the newer versions of the browser. Besides this tab groups have also been introduced, which allows to make groups of tabs and name them specifically.

Besides all of these features, Firefox also consist of developers tools for debugging web pages. Tools such as inspector, web console, style editor, performance, etc. are in built tools for developers.


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