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FlashGet is a download manager application highlighting support for most prominent and commonly used web browsers. The program also exhibits quick speed for the devices to make your life bit easier during the download of extra-large files. FlashGet is one of the best download managers available, with a noteworthy rating and essentially an efficient tool of this era.


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Improve your download Speed:

You might have faced problem downloading large files in your PC most of the times, the reason behind the problem can either be slow internet speed or usage of inefficient browser. Well, if you have slow internet speed but still want to get fast downloading speed, then you can prefer FlashGet for your browser. FlashGet quickens your downloads utilizing its advance features. The utility can likewise coordinates with your browser and take control over the files you want to download while surfing the web. As per the tests followed by using the utility with Firefox, the results found were positive even with the slow internet connections. Also the program proactively offers extension in accordance with the browser you are using.

More Powerful:

Despite the fact that the interface of the program is amazing, the “Settings” of the program may be a feature you will not appreciate much. The fonts of the program settings are not quite excellent so that users could face problems to interpret them. Likewise, the absence of an interactive Graphics User Interface takes the program into oblivion. You will not find much useful content in the right portion of the window, it is just consists of, Download Settings, General Settings, Assignment Manager and Appearance.

The best thing about FlashGet is the way it makes your downloads done with an extraordinary way. This way, despite of having an ineffective GUI the program is widely in use among public. Right clicking on any link containing downloadable item, will lead you to the download option using FlashGet program.


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To end with:

Summing up entire performance, FlashGet is a must have application for your PC for excess downloading speed regardless of how quick your Internet speed is. The application undoubtedly packs impressive components making it outwardly amusing to work with for all users. Despite the fact that it is not the most attractive application of its kind, a measure of potentiality is kept within the program, besides the interface leaves nothing more to be appreciated.

What is new with the New Version?

The latest Variant of the program supports Youtube Video download. You will now be getting a direct link of download in the browse. Alongside, you can download featured videos from similar other sites such as metacafe, Sina, LeTV, Tudou, Youku, Sohu, and so on. You can find out the extension of the program for famous web browsers Google Chrome and Firefox as well. The program supports multiple languages, you can install it all the basic platforms of Windows including Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 (both 32 and 64 bit).


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