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Digital learning is now a new process of learning, which highly depends on the digital file formats. PDF format is a widely used digital form of document, which allows copyright protection. The same is the reason why it has became so much popular. There are tons of PDF readers, which you might be aware of, including Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Sumatra pdf, Nitro pdf and so on. The handiest is the Foxit reader. This application allows to view as well as create PDF files, which on the contrary will make a big hole in your pocket when done using adobe reader and other similar applications.


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Well, this is not the only thing that this application possess. There are various other features, which makes this application rank #1 in the list of PDF readers.

User Interface

Foxit reader possess beautiful interface, with precise distribution of options from top to bottom. You can even see some handy option such as save, print, undo and redo on the title bar, making it all the more awesome. It does possess a ribbon menu, which is taken from windows, although the developers have imprinted their touch on the menu. All the menu items opens in a similar fashion as per the basic functionality of ribbon menu, except file menu where a slight variation has been introduced. On clicking on the file menu, a child menu slides from the left side of the screen, containing all the inner options of the file menu. This looks supercool and a bit flashy. Remaining menu items such as home, comment, view, form, protect, share and help are arranged in the respective manner, with all their child option popping down the ribbon.

A sidebar is also present at the left side of the screen, containing options such as bookmarks, pages, layers, comments, security and digital signatures. The status bar located at the bottom of the screen allows to change view types to different modes, zoom in and out and quickly turning over the pages.


Foxit support all major types of PDF encodings, however there might a bit problem with the documents containing animations and drawing made using adobe products. You can easily create new pdf, or can make necessary modifications to already existing pdf documents using this application.


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It has some primary features such as hand tool for scrolling, text selection tool, annotation selection tool, text highlighter, etc. The app also allows to take screenshots of specific areas of the document, which is quite handy when reference to some drawings and figures needs to be taken. You can add comments to the pdf, add annotations as both image and video; and can even draw out custom figures.

Foxit also support tabs, wherein you can open multiple PDF files in the same window. When talking about PDF files, digital signatures becomes the most crucial part of the document as it implies for making it right protected. Using this application digital signatures can be added.

Final Verdict

Foxit reader is a very handy tool, which not only allows to view pdf files, but also can be used to create and share the digital documents. There are some exceptional tools which makes it a better option between prevalently used adobe reader and others.


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