Free Download – Adobe Photoshop (For Windows and Mac)

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The newly developed Adobe Photoshop is enabled to give more productivity, with excess power, and ground breaking tools.


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  • Smooth interface
  • Highly improved camera
  • Well controlled print buttons
  • Exceptional PDF support and properly managed Adobe bridge
  • New editing tools found in the CS3 version are the palette of Clone Source and Smart Filters
  • Enhanced brightness/contrast
  • Vanishing Point module were also improved to a great extent
  • Better control with the new adjustment option available in Black and White as against the manual grayscale conversions which are very similar to the Channel Mixer.


Better Functionality: The Adobe Photoshop comes with several good functionalities. It offers the user to edit text, place marks and initials within the system. Also, it is enabled with features which allows user to submit forms, created with editable fields in the form. This is useful as most of the downloadable forms in the Internet are of “fill in the blanks” type.

Signature Support: The Adobe Photoshop comes with the feature wherein adding signatures onto the files is possible. This is a useful feature, which allows the user to fill in and return a form or sign a document when a printer is not readily available.

Improved Reliability: The smooth interface of Adobe Photoshop is distinctly laid and easy to navigate for users. It has also been proved to be much reliable for the users as it opens and displays files of all sizes, even those having detailed images. It also becomes easier for the user to stay updated with its latest releases. Other advanced features include mailing files directly and converting PDF files to other required formats.

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The disadvantage of using Adobe Photoshop is that few of its advanced features need subscription. Also, if the user needs to use some of its advanced features, then signing up for a monthly subscription is required which starts at around $1.99 per month.

Bottom Line

Adobe Reader is considered to be the most functional, user-friendly, free reader for PDF and editor available in the market today. Adobe reader is necessary program for the system users. Also, most of the forms downloadable from the Internet require Adobe Reader to fill them.

Publisher’s Description

The Adobe Reader is freeware which allows users to view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on multiple operating systems. In fact, the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader comes with several features that enable users to read and submit PDF forms, with fields required to be filled in Adobe Acrobat professional and Adobe Form Designer applications. It allows user to play a wide variety of installed multimedia files like MP3 and QuickTime. It also helps users to activate search and accessibility abilities in their PDF files. It allows display as a slide show and export images online for photo processing.

Change Log

The new version of Adobe Photoshop is directly linked to systems. It has also provided major security issues resolution, improved stability, bug fixes, and few other enhancements in existing features.


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