Free Download iTunes for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

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The Apple iTunes is undoubtedly more than a regular media player. It houses a massive library and the Apple Store; the management of podcasts, synchronizations and backups from mobile devices and the cloud services are just some of the services offered by iTunes! Not to forget that it allows you to create custom radio stations over the Internet. The radio stations that you create can be streamed to wireless and the different devices present on the network. It also allows ripping CD’s! Phew! A complete package, isn’t it?


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New updates and newer features- Make It Worth It!

Being made available for free the iTunes 12 is a hit with all its users. The updates that were dished out for iOS and OS X coinciding with iTunes 12 were iOS 8.1 and the OX X Yosemite. The Family Sharing feature is the brand new feature that is added in the iTunes.

The compatibility across platform

Speaking of compatibility, the iTunes 12 is compatible with the Mac OS X version 10.7.5 or post it. Windows users need to be using the Win XP SP 3 or future versions to enjoy iTunes.

A New User Interface

The 3D skeuomorphic look, which duplicated and replicated real-world objects is no more present in the iTunes 12. In order to give out a cleaner look, the icons of different functions and application have been given a flat look. The different content formats available can be viewed and used through the respective buttons. Next to the ‘Now Playing’ tab, the user icon appears slightly to the right and avid users will know that it has been given a new look.


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The mini view accessibility- Simplified to the rafters!

Initially there was the Wish List option that appeared on the main window, that is not present in the update. Instead of the Wish List button, the user-profile appears in the form of a drop down menu. It has information pertaining to purchases made, redeemed stuff and account information. For music, movies and TV shows there are different permanent filters. In order to access podcasts, books and other media, the ‘…’ should be used.

Cloud Family Sharing- A brand new addition

For users having the Apple iOS 8, you’d know that the Family Sharing feature in iTunes is the newest feature. It allows the head of the household to set up an account which can be used to make purchases on the Apple store. The key factor is that anyone who makes purchases will need the head’s approval before the purchase is sanctioned. This greatly reduces the risks, if children accounts are linked.

Itunes- The coolest and the classiest app!

When it comes to having a media player that does much more than just play, the ITunes without a shadow of doubt stands tall. With the long list of features that are present in iTunes, it is a must have for all avid media player geeks!


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