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Media Monkey is a media player, built in close proximity to Apple’s iTunes. It is one of the most famous media players of all times. If you are thinking of switching over from windows media player or iTunes, then you cannot get anything better than Media monkey. The application is more specifically known for its media organisation, which is way more powerful that what you might been noticing missing in Windows Media Player and iTunes. The app is available in two variants as Gold and Free, gold variant is paid and unlocks hidden options of free version.

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Key features:

To get started with the application, a start-up wizard will guide you through the installation. Once the installation is successfully completed, the app will integrate itself to the OS environment, for which it might require a system reboot.

The Interface:

The interface of the application is quite similar to windows media player, although it has been made quite simpler and you might miss the minimal layout of the windows media player. However, this has been superbly overcome with its library, which is amazingly distributed and sorts itself automatically by reading the music file tags. Play control buttons of the media player can be found at the bottom, arranged in the order of their working. Seek bar is quite intuitive and different from conventional seek bars. However, this doesn’t wind up as a good interface, but is not bad either.

Library Organiser:

Media monkey concludes the best media organiser, and is well known for the same. It automatically reads all the file parameters present in the music file, generally known as music tags. Although, in case no music tags are present, they can be added using the tag editor. Tag editor works at its best using this application, as it allows to enter even the minute details relating to the music file, to be added to the file. Well, if that wasn’t enough or you found yourself too lazy adding the correct tags yourself, then you need to try our Auto tagging feature. Auto tagger, adds the important media tags to the files automatically using the online resources.


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Sync and Burn:

Media monkey can sync with nearly all the devices, whether android, iOS or windows. Once synced, you can organise the library on your mobile device using this application. It also incorporates faster search algorithm, which searches fluently irrespective of the size of the indexed songs database.

Auto playlist feature is quite handy too, as it will automatically generate list of songs based on various parameters. For instance, if you need to listen to the songs rated 5, you can automatically generate a list of all such songs and make a play list.

Besides this, you can even burn your media files on a CD or DVD. However, the allowed files are only video, audio or images. None of the other files can be burned to the disc using this application.

Final Verdict:

All in all, this application is quite useful to music lovers and people having tons of music files stored onto their devices. However, if you just a regular person with limited number of songs and do not want to dig out the mountain, you can try Winamp, WMP, AIMP, etc.


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