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The browser wars have intensified and Opera may not have been the winner. But nevertheless, it has been a useful application and ranks fourth amongst all the browsers available today. It was developed in Norway and used worldwide. The advantage of using Opera is that it has an in-built Bit Torrent client and integrated IRC chat which has enabled it with rock solid consistency and speed. Opera is also the browser for many Smartphone in the market. For mobile browsing, company has a lighter version called the Opera Mini which is quite popular for its speed and efficiency.


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The Opera browser for desktops is advantageous as it comes with a variety of extensions and fast loading process time. Moreover, it is enabled with JavaScript functionality that allows customizable codes to be used on web pages. This feature of Opera is comparable to that of GreaseMonkey users in Firefox browser. Though it could not achieve the publicity as compared to Chrome, but it has multiple innovative features which other browsers do not provide. Further, Opera browser has been popular amongst users with disabilities because of its accessibility and compliance of standards. It has also become popular globally because it has been released in 60 other languages apart from English.


  • Keyboard shortcuts customized according to the user.
  • Mouse gestures customization
  • Users with disability can use voice control and screen reading feature.
  • Ability of proxy support for fast loading process.
  • Presence of master password for security of saved passwords.


Opera software has been released officially and it is a very secure freeware. The Opera software consists of:

  • Fast loading: Operais one of the fastest web browsers available in the market today. It offers many features as compared to the other browsers and allows users to have many advantages.
  • Ability to personalize and customize the browser: One can add, remove and reposition buttons and toolbars or even change layouts.
  • Quick access to bookmarks: It allows instant access to frequently visited sites and keep folders at easy visibility. The bookmarks bar is also conveniently placed.
  • Inside tabs: It shows a tab preview when the mouse pointer hovers near the tab. The stacking of tabs is also allowed along with its preview. Tabs could be recovered after closing so as to recover the accidently closed tabs in the browser.
  • Productivity: It keeps a close check on the downloads.
  • Fast downloads: It allows fast download as soon as a file is saved hence it saves a lot of time. Even, downloading could be tracked and resumed as and when required.
  • Easy to follow favourite feeds: By clicking on the RSS link, subscribe is displayed, by clicking on it “Newsfeeds” keep coming at the bottom of the window panel.
  • Search is easy from the address field: Search can be done by directly typing on the address field. In fact, this feature is also customizable.
  • Gives suggestions as you search: It gives search suggestions making it much quicker and easier. Google search suggestions are built into the Opera browser which makes the search more convenient.

Change log

The updated version of Opera includes fixes with the major concerns of MP3 and MP4 and also worked on the crash issues on Mac.


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