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Recuva is a free program for the utility of Windows for restoring the files deleted from the computer accidentally. In includes the files trashed from the Recycle bin also such as images or any other files which may have been deleted by user by mistake. This program can even bring back the files deleted from iPod, memory cards of digital camera and MP3 Players. Basically, it recovers corrupted, reformatted and damaged data and discs and restore the files. It has very fast process and focused scans for finding the files lost, deleted or damages within the system. The files can be under portable drives, unmounted drives, removable drives and also, CDs and DVDs.


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  • The simple and intuitive interface of program helps in easy scanning and recovery options.
  • Easy filtration based on name or type of file.
  • List and Tree view interface for better convenience of users.
  • USB Thumb drive can also be used to run this program.
  • Restores wide variety of data such as videos, images, email, documents, music or any other data.
  • Capability of restoring data from removable media, Floppy disks, memory cards, flash cards, digital cameras, media and digital cards, etc.
  • Supports large variety of format such as NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5, FAT12 and FAT16, NTFS + EFS systems.
  • Fast and secure program


Wizard – The wizard dialog of Recuva enables scanning of music, pictures, videos, documents, emails and even compressed files. The files can be scanned in different file locations by enabling the option of Deep scan.

Integration of context menu – The deleted files can be scanned in advanced option of program as it is completely integrated with context menu of Explorer and Recycle bin.

Portable – The program has completely portable version which can be fit in the USB drive. It can also be run without installer to find and recover damaged files in the system. 


Mode switchback – Advanced mode of program, shows path of files in list view and not thumbnails. Also, there is no other way to get back to the normal view.

Online help – The help file of Recuva keep downloads smaller but the required details are not provided in detail in the Help file.

Bottom Line

Recuva is a very fast and reliable tool for recovering the lost and damaged files. It deliver a lot in the field of recovery and should be tried before purchasing any recovery tools.

Publisher’s Description

Recuva is a free software for the Windows utility to restore the files accidentally deleted from the computer. The coverage of large variety of files for recovery is an exceptional feature of the program. The files can be restores from system and portable devices which are deleted by crashes, user errors, viruses, etc.

Change Log

The updated version has added support of Ext4 file system, accuracy of scanning statistical process is also improved. The NTFS deep scan is improved. Minor improvements in graphic user interface. The localized and wide language support is provided in updated version. The VHD image loading is also improved in the professional version.


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