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If you send files and documents in larger amount over PC or Laptop or Cellular phones over then your can opt for utilizing WinZip, an application that can compress documents and send them together with simpler sending. Initially, WinZip was made for PCs to give support for the hard drives with less space and the slow Internet speed. People are still facing issues with their internet speed until a broadband is there with them, however high end PCs are now kept by everyone, but still it is a bit critical situation for Tablet users with respect to their storage.

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As per the tests made, WinZip reduces the space of the document takes in your device memory by 10 to 15% which quite effective for each job you use WinZip. You can also use the WinZip utility for iOS devices, and it gives you the same result as well. The compression of the document can make your transfer easier and smother, and alongside the file will be highly protected with WinZip’s encrypted layer.

WinZip File Manager

This application enables you to access the different cloud storage sources such as – DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud. These cloud storage services help your files to be compressed, and likewise convert them into Zip format. WinZip not only helps you to send the compressed documents and files, but also it helps you to send large number of pictures and photographs followed by compressing their space. The application is more versatile because the file it compresses and converts into zip format, is compatible to all other applications of its own kind. This way, it doesn’t matter what Zip application the receiver is using, he/she can simple decompress the document and get the data successfully. Once you have extracted the files, you are independent of sharing them anywhere.


You can primarily use WinZip application in business use, if you have a job of sending and receiving number of documents in daily basis then preferably you can integrate WinZip utility in your system. The best thing you would like in the application is the integration of cloud storage, with this you can also share the multiple files with multiple companions without even sending individual mails to them. All your companions will then download or view the files right through the cloud drive and get the information whenever needed.

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The trial version of the WinZip utility is free, but if you want it for business use you can get it for $5, and that is not much expensive for commercial use. Although you can hardly find a paid application with this category in the market, however you can find it better from all, and the services it offers are much effective as well. There are many formats of Zip files exist in the market, and WinZip is compatible with almost each format. You can try it out as the trial version can be used to test whether it is suitable for you or not.


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