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Internet is an addiction in today’s world; there are tons of stuff that we can do with internet, rather than just turning down some pages on Facebook and twitter. It is quite obvious that Internet has turned out to be a biggest source of information. However, we often forget to pay due regards to modern browsers which makes those information source visible. One such sort of application is ‘Chrome’. Chrome is one of the most used web browsers, coming directly from the ‘Google’ and available for most of the leading operating systems.

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Google Chrome is a freeware browser available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. The beta version of the browser came in around 2008, for Microsoft Windows. Till now there have been 45 versions of Chrome released by Google. Chrome, which seems to have taken from the word ‘Chromium’, having literal meaning ‘Speed’.

Getting Started

To get started with the browsers, download it from below. After a quick install, the browser will launch itself. The interface of the application is minimalistic and easy to use. It does support multiple tabs, which feature is now available in all the modern browsers. The tabs can be easily switched between using the ‘tab’ or by directly clicking on the respective tab. The newer versions of the browser also supports ‘pinning’. A tab when pinned uses less space on the title bar and opens itself automatically when the browser is restarted. This pinned tab can be recovered by simply unpinning it using the respective option.

Chrome uses webkit engine for rendering web pages, the same has been used by some other browsers too, including safari. Omnibox feature of chrome was a well-known innovation in its design, which was later cloned by several other browsers. Omnibox merged the address bar and search bar in a single unit.


Chrome allows to synchronize all the content, including bookmarks, apps, passwords, etc. This works in a pretty straightforward manner. Firstly, you will need to sign in to chrome using your Google account; this needs to be done on first priority, otherwise none of your history or other data will be synchronized. Once done, all your data will be synchronised automatically, such that when you log in to chrome using some other device, all of your data will be available on the new device. To add a bit more security, you can also add a security pass phrase.

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Speed and Stability

Speed is first and foremost requirement of any web browser. As per the name ‘Chrome’ is never going to let you down, in terms of speed. Although, it is quite uncertain how much of your system resources it is going to use. Chrome also uses SPDY protocol for websites such as Google and Facebook, which is faster than HTTP.

Chrome uses ‘process isolation’, according to which every instance of the browsers including plugin, tab and port, a separate instance. The same is the reason, why this browser is way more bulky as compared to other browsers.

All in all, Chrome is an excellent browser, which caters tons of plugins and apps. The interface of the browser is simple, making it user friendly.


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