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HijackThis separates the different parts of Registry and hard drive which are frequently targeted by malicious programs. HijackThis enables to eliminate the malicious programs for better system performance. It generates the report of all threats and malicious programs and present that report in a structured manner so that the user can identify the items harming the system. HijackThis also inspects the browser of system and overall operating system to generate the log and file and indicates the current position of computer in a systematic manner. The selective removal option is also available for removing the unwanted files and settings in the computer. The identified settings in the log file of HijackThis consists of unwanted malware and legitimate software. So, it is important to be very cautious while removing the programs from HijackThis. The application has process management, data stream scanner and Hosts file editor for enhancing the utility.


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Fast Scanning Process – The program allows quick scanning and maximum information about malicious programs are fetched for betterment of system. It is not at all time consuming to scan the computer and increase performance.

Structured Report – The presentation of scan results is indicated in the log file to present the malicious programs in system. The program also enables the user to save the log file for future references. It is easy for users to get back to the log file later and compare the multiple scan results. It also shows advice of other users on forums for determining the removal of specific programs within the system.


Experience required – The scan results generates by the application consist not only the malicious programs and files but the whole compilation of activities in the system targeted by malware. It is hard to determine the file to be removed or to be kept in system. The potential threat is also indicated and the user may end up deleting the legitimate file through the program. Therefore, it cannot be used on regular basis.

Lacks guidance – The application lacks guidance for naïve users.

Bottom Line

HijackThis is utility tool for advanced users who have information about malicious programs and potential threats. The malware can be eliminated completely from the system and it delivers all the features for protecting the system. It is completely free but need experience before using the application.

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Publisher’s Description

HijackThis has some major areas such as hard drives and Registry and works on these areas for detection of malwares. The application gets continuous updates for detection and removal of new malicious programs and hijackers. The application does not target specific URLs or programs but targets the methods which forces the users to go onto the site of hijackers. It is considered that the user should know about the program and application while performing the removal activity and deleting anything from system.

Change Log

The updated version of application has fixed link update problem, left scroll bar issues opened in safe mode and low screen resolution. The problem of indication “No internet connection” while pressing “Analyse” button is also revolved in recent version.


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