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During 90s, Netscape was the web browser which was widely being used among public, then Microsoft launched Internet Explorer, and it leaded Netscape with comparably more usage till the year of 2002. Later in 2004, Firefox and Chrome web browsers came in the market and became the strongest rivalries of the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in the field of offering more advanced services. Over the years, these rivalries badly affected the usage and stock shares of the Internet explorer in the market.


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Above all, still almost every website in the market is designed such that it will be compatible with Internet Explorer. The reason behind it might be the famous giant owner of the IE – ‘Microsoft Corporations’. Also another reason is, most of the users are using Microsoft Windows PC, and this way they get Internet explorer integrated with their Operating system alongside.

Features of Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is design with numerous features such as – it supports the latest web technology including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ajax, RSS and so on. The program has an Accelerator, which allows the application of Web to keep running, and accessing by the user without any intervention. You can use the latest feature of the Internet explorer known as ‘WebSlices’, this enables you to monitor the web pages saved in your favorite menu that what updates have been made in your favorite websites recently. The InPrivate is another advanced feature of this program, with this you can feel the improvised privacy and protection offered by the browser while surfing internet. To get rid of security threats such as viruses, Trojans and web-phising; Internet explorer features SmartScreen, which acts as a filter for the browser to keep you away from various security threats.


Quick Access Speed:

The program offers quick page loading, multimedia playing and image loading with its newly launched version.

Dynamic Support:

You can find manuals or detailed instructions to get quick access of Internet explorer efficiently, the FAQ pages can help you a lot during web access, also you will get ‘tips and trick’ and ‘add-on’ from this program proactively.

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Sudden Crash:

Sometimes, the program might face crashing problem during access, and after restarting the program you might not recover web pages, which would have previously been crashed with the browser. This way users find ‘Google Chrome’ and ‘Mozilla Firefox’ program more reliable for their internet surfing.


With the newest version of Internet explorer, another problem have been seen is the inappropriate loading of certain websites. The responsive feature of Internet explorer is pretty weak compared to other famous web programs.

Bottom Line:

Most of the people are familiar with Microsoft’s internet Explorer, it offers higher compatibility to the most of the websites and online applications as well. Still, Internet explorer is required to make more modification in its program so that we may come back with magnificent trust among public similar as the Chrome and Firefox are carrying currently. The latest version of Internet explorer will give an enhanced experience with its latest added features.


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