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KMPlayer is a very light program which supports audio and video playback for Windows and other widely used platforms. The program offers an extensive support to a variety of file formats including AVI, AVS, ASF, WMV, FLV, MKV, etc.


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During the initial time of its launch, the program only supported audio and video files, but now you can explore a number of features, such as, watching web based videos via live streaming in your system. KMPlayer is a widely used program by a large number of users all around the globe. The application is being utilized with its media, and in the field of gaming front as well. As it has made a successful casting with the third season of “League of Legends – World Championship”, the application is widely visible on the game front. The KMPlayer has set up a wide number of user population, and have made itself as an entire new utility for different devices and systems.

What Features Does KMPlayer Offers?

KMPlayer, not only counted as an standalone application featuring audio and video support; but also, it carries a lot more to explore with its newly integrated interaction layer. The player has an extensive variety of personalization options for your audio and video files. It organizes your library like you wish to keep it; in short, it manage your favorite genres, albums and artist in an organized way, for listening enchanting music collection instantly. It also permits you to capture live playing audio and video using a recording and screenshot options respectively.

It also offers you some sorts of internal and external filters, which will help you to create an entirely controlled environment to connect different types of splitters, decoders and other transform filters of audio and video transformation.

With this utility program, you can add several audio and video effects in your player, such as, slowing down the music or increasing the surfing speed of audio; depending upon situation you can make changes with the player. Similarly, for Videos, you can set up your favorite song in an organized library, set repeat or shuffle to your playing tracks.

KMPlayer 3-D

This is one of the most attractive feature of KMPlayer, which lets you play 3D videos even in the low CPU memory condition. It offers a streamlined and stable playback for your system using GPU support. The 3D experience is just a single click away from you.


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KMPlayer Mobile App

The application has dispatched its application for various mobile platforms last year. Now, you can get the application for different mobile platforms including Android, windows and iOS.

KMP Connect

Along with the mobile application, the developers of KMPlayer has also released an app interface utility known as KMP Connect. The KMP connect is integrated with your KMPlayer’s mobile application. With this, you can play different files existing in your phone via your PC.


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