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Before continuing any further, users ought to realize that the free version does exclude booked sweeps, ongoing insurance, removable commute filters and noxious site blocking. These components and more are accessible in the paid adaptation called ‘Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium’. The primary point of preference of the free application is that it can be keep running as an optional line of protection against online dangers, by blending it with the continuous shield of another Antivirus Utilities.


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Smooth Graphical User Interface:

Setting up Malwarebytes Anti-Malware shouldn’t be an issue to any clients, regardless of how unpracticed they may be with antivirus applications. With respect to the interface, the instrument is as natural as they get, on account of extensive catches and short depictions that clarify every alternative.

Two Different Modes For Essential PC security:

Danger Scan is the application’s extensive filtering strategy, as it investigates discriminating zones of the system where malware is not known. The option is Custom Scan, which allows clients to handpick the definite drives and indexes to investigate, alongside the output objects. Also, it is conceivable to customize the apparatus’ conduct when identifying possibly undesirable projects and alterations.

Propelled Scanner Design:

Clients who need to further tweak Anti-Malware’s behavioural example may tinker with settings encompassing avoidances, rootkits, files and propelled heuristics. It is conceivable to empower and inspect output logs, resort to an intermediary server for infection database overhauls, impair warnings, incorporate the application into the Windows Explorer setting menu for speedy examining, etc. Things sent to the isolate can be inspected before choosing whether to keep or erase them.


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Features of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

The improvised support for 64-bit operating system by Anti-Malware 2.0 has made itself more popular among the categories of most essential application than it used to be. It also has not enabled with a built-in Anti-Rootkit with the latest release. You will find improvised Access Manager, options of exclusion, automatic schedulers and many more similar essential tools in the settings menu options provided by the program.


  • The upgraded look of Malwarebytes Antimalware is 2.0 sports is a lot more approachable
  • You will find larger boxes, lesser tabs, fair touch-buttons, and adaptable windows
  • Gives more sleek feel with its interface
  • The security level of the program is quite higher than that of other software of same category
  • The program more precisely blocks the malware suspicious applications and processes


The program does not offers the entire features access support for free, rather it asks for an annual subscription for using the pro version of the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware application

Bottom Line:

The program is having an excellent track record in the field of supporting protection against malware and similar other possible external and internal security threats of computer system. Still non-commercial users can use its free version in their PC and make is highly protected. The interface of the program gives you essential features including refresh, inclusion of integrated rootkit detection and the interface tweaks, all these terms has standardized the product into a pro level that is hard to achieve by any other application offering the services of same category.


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