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Many of us need to share internet connection with various devices, including our PC. The easiest way for doing so is to install a special software system. mHotspot is also one of these software program that can help you in converting the computer into the most useful Wi-Fi hotspot. This is a free software for presenting the Wi-Fi hotspot to all the users. You may also get the advantages from this application without installing it on your system.


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Freeware with very simple, comprehensible interface

The interface of mHotspot is very simple, and you may use it with no need of having any special skill for sharing your online connection.  mHotspot has the ability to connect ten devices with only one internet setup. This freeware covers a space of almost 400KB, and if you like to download it, the system takes very short time to accomplish the process. Choose a name for this hotspot, and Laptop, tabs, Smartphone and all other devices can be securely connected.

Features of the software

  • Easy usage with no hassle – Setting the name of hotspot and a strong password is the major task that you have to do for using the software system. Moreover, you have to choose the source of internet and click on Start Hotspot button to get the advantage from this software. Many of the users also like to scan their new Wi-Fi hotspot. To log in the application, you do not need much time.
  • Safest internet connectivity with mHotspot – The software is able to manage various types of passwords, like WPS, WEP or WPA2 PSK.
  • Options for controlling the software – There are lots of other options that you can get with the software. Automatic switching of network, scanning, constant activation of Wi-Fi, shared web content, certificates and many more. Console of mHotspot also reveals various connected devices and the data that you have received or delivered. Logging details are also available with the software.


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One demerit of this application is that while you use the laptop or computer system as the Wi-Fi hotspot, it may drain the battery life very fast. Thus, you may need to plug the system for having power constantly. Moreover, in case of password, though you like to choose the strong code, you may need to take precaution while you are sharing the internet connection or LAN system. Thus, it is essential to remember that you have to take the responsibility of ensuring security of your own computer system.

So, install the software, mHotspot on your PC and enjoy the virtual Wi-Fi in your system. You may use desktop or laptop. However, mHotspot will help you to have the internet connection in all those devices. You can use it not only for personal needs but also for business uses. While you are having family gatherings or corporate meetings, this type of hotspot will give you good advantages. This free software works with various Windows versions (7, 10 and 8). Download it now to beam your Wi-Fi to all !


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