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Since years the sole stop for any kind of task including letters or invoice sheets along with other assignments has been the Bible of all softwares, Microsoft Office. This is that one software that neither becomes old nor it becomes useless even if you get tons of alternatives for the same. With millions of existing users, relying upon this one software, Microsoft Office 2013 likewise has been successful in attracting more and more users. Being a successor of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013 brings in a host of awesome features that makes itself even better than its former siblings.


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Why It Is So Special?

Initially being released in January 2013, Microsoft Office 2013 offers the much needed online storage for all your respective documents and files. You can now save your respective files, in the compact Sky Drive that further makes things easier when you need to have an urgent backup.

You can now also easily sync your respective Microsoft account as well as your Office 365 account with absolute ease. The most distinct feature of this latest productivity suite is the fact that it now allows you to easily access as well as function via Office even if you are not using your respective PC.

The highly powerful cloud features along with the sleeker look that each application of Microsoft Office 2013 comprises further give a thumbs-up for the software.

The latest Office 2013 further includes Open Document Format, which is easily readable by the productivity suite. Further the latest Microsoft Office 2013 provides a new Read Mode with respect to Microsoft Word, a perfect presentation mode for the classic Microsoft Powerpoint along with some more other touch as well as inking for all the present Office programs. Further to ensure that the rich classic Microsoft touch is not lost, the simple white layout has again been added for ensuring less cluttered look. Adding to all these, to ensure that more efficiency is attained, there has been a tremendous improvement with respect to the use of animations.

Knowing the importance of online media files, the Word now lets you add videos as well as audio files from online sources. At the same time, it now also allows you to broadcast your respective documents on the Web with complete ease. Adding to that, some bookmark-like features have been added in both Word and Powerpoint that further help in syncing the respective document’s position between different computers.

New features- Better performance

Adding to all these, Microsoft Office 2013 also includes the flattering look of the much awaited Ribbon interface along with the subtle animations when you are typing or even selecting in either Word or Excel. A remodelled start screen has also been added for adding more innovation. For the Powerpoint new and fresh slide designs, transitions as well as animations have also been added. In Word, you can now find new graphical options. You can now further move images or can also snap to boundaries like the column boundaries or the paragraph edges. Along with these, the all new Microsoft Office 2013 also lets you avail support to integrated with Skype and Yammer.

In a wrap, Microsoft Office 2013 includes a whole lot of useful yet exciting features that makes it again the most perfect and most apt productivity suite.


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