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Windows media player application is developed by a giant company Microsoft Corporations. This application is a standalone among the greatest media player applications of the app market. The program has smooth interface with Straightforwardness in design, it brings an entire new look to your multimedia entertainment. You can find out more than just playing music in the application. With Windows Media Player you can breathe a whole new life into your digital entertainment, the application gives you all the refreshments in a unique place. The program is widely in use and appreciated everywhere because of the simplicity it has. With This program, you can always be associated with your music, featured videos, and pictures regardless of wherever you are.

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Features of Windows Media Player:

Windows Media Player for Windows Desktop users offers incredible and better approaches to store and relish all you’re music, featured videos, pictures, slide shows and recorded TV. You can play them, see them, and sync them to any of your convenient devices very instantly, also everything from Windows Media Player library can be shared with wired or wireless gadgets placed around your home. All this you can manage by sitting from a single place using Windows Media Player.

The music library of Windows Media Player is really appreciating, you would love to access the tree-style like structure of the program library. Also, you will explore each and every audio/video track of the library with a simpler way. The program has a 5 star rating option where you can rate the track as per your likings. You can locate yourself anywhere in your system drives and seek music files direct from Window Media Player, a basic brows option may help you in doing this. A search box place in the program, which you can utilized to quick reach anywhere in the program. The program also offers burning disc option, which allows you to create your own collection or a favorite playlist of music and burn it into a single DVD or CD disc. With this program, you can also make copy of a disc create a duplicate of the same.

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Additional Components:

The most recent variant of the windows Media Player has been added a considerable measure of valuable and fancy features in the program. This way being a variant of Windows, it may give a strong competition to its sibling variant of iTunes with the newly integrated features in the program. Moreover, the functionality ‘Drag and Drop’ given by the program permits you to pick any music file form anywhere and play it by just dropping it the program’s window and the selected song will start being played instantly. The additional feature of ripping CD and DVDs is still a big card of the program, it gives competition to other disc burning software with the additional feature.

All in all, this program is highly recommending from public figure as it widely being used all over the world. The program is released as a freeware in the market.


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