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Notepad++ is an advanced text editor, loaded with features and considered to be fully equipped for replacement of Windows Notepad. It has the capability of supporting 27 programming languages, supports syntax folding and highlighting, search for regular expressions, synchronized edits and views, etc. Notepad++ is an open source application used for editing codes. The feature of supporting several languages, gives it the potential of replacing Notepad. It gives a wonderful experience to users in Microsoft Windows environment and it runs on GPL License. Notepad++ is written in C++ and it is based upon editing component “Scintilla”, which is very powerful. It operates on Win32 API, as well as, on STL that ensures high execution speed and much smaller program sizes. Notepad++ is a step towards creating a greener environment, as the CPU power consumption during its operation is reduced to a great extent, which results in greener environment, without compromising on its user friendliness.

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Standout Features 

Few outstanding features of Notepad++ are as follows:

  • Open Sources: It is an open source software. Additionally, being open means that the user can make appropriate changes to the development efforts.
  • Numbering System: It has line numbering which is absent in Notepad application. Line numbering is useful to edit source code or configuration files.
  • Zoom: The zooming in and out feature of Notepad++ is another excellent feature.
  • Recognition of Modified Files: Notepad++ has this unique capability of recognizing files which have been modified and gives prompt command to its user to reload the file or to overwrite the changes.
  • Replace Option: It has the search and replace feature, which is useful for users to edit configuration files.
  • Syntax Highlighting: This feature helps in doing quick edit or viewing source code.


Notepad++ is loaded with multiple features and options. It has a default directory which allows two choices, one to follow the present document and the other to remember the last used directory. Also, Notepad++ could be run from a USB device which is useful for loading or writing configuration files from installation directory. This is also handy to run plug-ins and additionally, it has an inbuilt Plug-in Manager.

Bottom Line

Notepad++ is definitely a better text editor than Notepad in terms of its versatility and performance. It could even be useful for company-wide deployment apart from its personal use. Some users may find problems in installation of additional software but the benefits and productivity of Notepad++ are real and genuine for better utility of users.

Publisher’s Description

Notepad++ is an excellent code editor that supports several programming languages in Windows environment. It is a lighter version as compared to Notepad. The languages that Notepad++ supports are C, C++, C#, XML, JavaScript, PHP Java ASP, SQL, VB/VBS, Pascal, CSS, Perl, Python, Fortran, Unix, Flash action script, NSIS and many more. The main features of Notepad++ are syntax highlighting and syntax folding with regular expression search

Change Long

The issue commonly seen in Notepad++ is system crash and therefore, the new version has some bugs fixes, to resolve the issues of program in system.


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