Plant Vs Zombies 2 For PC – Free Download (Windows 7/8)

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Plant Vs Zombies is a well reknowned name in the gaming world. It had created a sensation in the category of tower defence games and started a new era of mobile gaming. As per the name suggests, here you have fight against zombies to protect yourself from them, who would eventually eat up your brains. The first edition of the game was a huge success, so was the case with its current running version, ‘Plant Vs Zombies 2: It’s about time’. Plant vs Zombies 2 was released in the late 2013 by EA (Electronics Arts), developed by Popcap games. It is tower defence game, where you have to protect your territory from the enemies.


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The storyline centres around your neighbour, Crazy Dave. You have received a bottle of hot sauce, your neighbours seems to use it again to have the same taco again. Although, for this he has to travel in time to get back to the past, as portrayed in the first version of the game. To do so, Dave uses a time machine, and thing get worse when the time machine fails to run properly and you are now in the ancient Egypt, surrounded by thousands or zombies along with their box, Zomboss. They seems more furious this time, with the whole new powers and new range of zombies.


Gameplay is kept same as the previous version, alongwith the addition of new concepts, features and stages framework. You can now also buy coins using its in-app purchases. Main part in the game is played by sun flowers, and without them you cannot go further and kill the zombies. A new concept of plant food is deployed to the play, this will be made available during the gameplay, when killing some specific glowing zombies. When you feed this plant food to any shooting plant, it will shoot in huge quantity.

Plant Vs Zombies 2 is built humungously large, and take our words, you will be busy with the game for months. Firstly, there are ages or chapters namely pirate seas, dark age, frosbit caves, etc, each of these chapters are further classified into 30 levels each on an average. Each of these levels represent days/nights. Moreover, there is also addition of some new chapters with the game upgrades you make. Also, there are certain events that you can participate into to get the world know your mighty and greatness in the game.


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Talking about the plants, there are many new additions along with the retention of the previous ones. There has also been an increment in the number and types of zombies. What adds more to this amazing game is its graphics, which are made stunning as compared to its previous version. Additionally, sounds adds a cherry to the cake as the sounds are made quite realistic and matches the zombies portrayed in the game.

How To Play On PC?

Follow simple steps below:

  • Download Bluestack’s offline installer.
  • Install it.
  • Open Bluestack and make search of ‘Plant Vs Zombies 2’.
  • Click on the Playstore link to open page of plant vs zombies 2.
  • When opened, click on install button to download and install the game on your PC.

Once done, launch the game from All Apps section of Bluestacks!


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