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Pokemon go is a role-playing, free game featuring an augmented reality. The game is based on the animated series, Pokemon, aired years back on the Television. In the game, you are objected to catch virtual pets called Pokémon’s. Those cute looking pets possess extraordinary powers, using which you can fight with other creatures present in the game. It was developed by a bunch of well-known developers, using the Niantic game engine. The game uses the same engine as can be seen in ‘Ingress’, developed by Niantic.

The game is officially available for Android and iOS only, so Windows and other OS cannot be used to run this game. However, this can be run on PC with windows installed on it.


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About The Game

Pokémon go is known for its augmented reality features, which makes it first of its kind game. The same is the reason why it is becoming so much viral. The game features real world locations and maps. The game is funded by Google and uses the google maps, to locate you. The main requirement for this running this game is working internet connection and an Android or iOS device, with GPS included.

The game starts with you as a trainer; initially, you will need to sign up with the game using your email id. Once done, you are ready to dig deeper. You play as a trainer and need to catch a maximum number of Pokémon’s through your journey. To catch them, you just have to throw the balls towards the Pokémon. If the shot goes perfect, Pokémon will be yours.

There are a lot of similarities between the Pokémon game and the animated series. The main similarity is the storyline, as in the game you will see the Pokémon’s appearing in the same fashion as those were in the series. This is managed by the trainer levels, which are increased by gaining experience points. You gain experience point for everything you do in the game, from catching a Pokemon, evolving them or fighting with other Pokémon’s.

Evolution of the Pokémon’s is also possible in this game, for this you will need to catch same type of Pokemon many times. Doing so, you will get balls; these balls are not common for all Pokémon’s, but are specific to each. You will earn three such balls on catching one Pokemon, so catch as much as you can to collect the balls in larger quantities.

How To Play On PC?

To play this game on PC, you will need Nox App Player, which is an Android emulator. So firstly download Nox App Player’ offline installer. Once done install it and open the emulator. Now, make a search for ‘Pokemon go’ using the play and install the game. If the game is not available in your country, then you can have the APK file of the game. Install using the either of the two ways.

So, now you have installed the game; you now need to get it moving literally. This game cannot be played being at one place, but the main problem is that you cannot roam around the city with a laptop in your hand. So, you can download GPS faker application to change location programmatically.


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