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Process Explorer is a smooth and convenient application, which offers propelled components compared with the Windows Task Manager, and it observes the running processes and changes being made in the system. The program is designed such that, it not only targets individual users but also the busiest people relied over computer machines, who need their PCs work flawlessly and avoid crashing issues. Process Explorer conveys numerous powerful alternatives to its users, such as – the capacity to end running or stuck processes, or detailing out all the resources utilized with the running process as well.

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Features of the program:

You do not have to follow a long procedural installation steps before utilizing the application. The application simply offers you an executable file and will be executed within a couple of clicks. The principle feature of the program is – it can be kept and utilized using your portable flash/external drive. This way, you can keep and use your application anywhere in any PC you find its use. In addition, Process Explorer does not change the Windows registry at all, nor make pointless shortcuts or Start menu sections which causes clutter to the drives.

The main thing you ought to think about Process Explorer is that it makes a tray icon while starting up the program, this icon shows the current temperature of CPU by default, and also you can change the preference of the sensor. The primary window is conveniently arranged and shows all processes in a tree like structure to let the user figure out if any child process is running within. You will find out the process shown in the tree encoded with different colors, the color will be in according to level it is assigned in the tree.


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You can end, continue or restart any previously active or stuck process in your PC using process explorer. Additionally, you can also bring each running process in front of your PC’s primary window or minimize it down as well. You can discover all the paths and command line, showing an auxiliary pane to see DLL and handle data using process explorer.

You can check the performances of different gatherings of the System such CPU, I/O, RAM, GPU, network and disk space. Everything you will find in an arranged manner followed by displaying the performance using Graphs and usage details. Process Explorer additionally offers broad details concerning each process, for example, performance, environment and likewise the strings properties. Also, suspicious or obscure data well be submitted to VirusTotal which will run malware checkups of these files utilizing your installed antivirus applications in the meantime.

Bottom Line:

According to the tests made with the program, the CPU and RAM consumption becomes low and quickens the processor speed as well. It is extremely receptive to commands and demonstrates some detailed data of processes. No lapse dialog boxes will be demonstrated while executing the program, and the application does not face hang or crashing issues. Entirely, Process Explorer is an incredible device for checking and controlling running processes of PC.


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