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Showbox is an amazing new application, to keep all the favourite movies and TV series at a click away. The app has been officially released to be used on mobile devices, including Android OS. It simply allows its users to have a taste of cinema on their mobile device, without spending even a penny as the app is completely free. It was launched on play store a way before, although now it has been completely tolled out from the play store due to violation of copyright laws. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have this app on your devices.


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Finding Right Movie!

With Showbox its super simple to find movies, all owing to its simple and easy to use interface. Talking more about the interface, it is made minimalist with dark theme. Basically the app has been divided into four major sections, using the tab menu; which you can actually observe at the top of the app activity. The tabs, namely Shows, Library, Movies and Updates; works in accordance of their names.

Movies tab contains all the movies, by default listed on the basis of user and critics rating from various sources. The movies are presented in a grid a grid element containing the cover image of the movies, clicking on the same will land you to the download page. The most remarkable thing about the Showbox is that using this app you can not only watch your favourite movies, but can also download them without spending any bucks on the same.


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Similar configuration has been adopted in the Shows section, where you can find all the shows listed on the basis of their ratings. The number of shows listed on the app are quite humungous and cannot be found in any other app of such a kind. Besides this, the sorting criteria can also be changed to year of release or genre, etc. The shows can also be downloaded in a similar way as movies were. Although, on landing on the show’s dedicated page, you will get the further links to episodes, and you can follow further to download your show.

The rest two tabs are quite different from these two. Library, as per the name suggest will contain all your saved movies and a TV shows. Updates section is another great feature of the app, that continuously list all newly added shows and movies.

How To Get ShowBox on PC?

As already discussed earlier that the app has been officially developed for Android OS. To use it on your PC, you will need an Android emulator. Bluestack can be used for the purpose. To run Showbox on PC using Bluestack, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Download Bluestack and install using the offline installer.
  2. Open the installed Bluestack
  3. Get the Showbox app Apk from here.
  4. Open the apk file to install it to Bluestack automatically.
  5. Wait a few seconds to complete installation.
  6. Once done, Open the app from Bluestack’s app list.

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