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SpywareBlaster is an extreme successful program in the field of blocking ActiveX spyware invading your PC, and also preserves your system from unknown tracking of cooking and assists you everywhere in the system followed by taking the systems snapshots. The program concentrates on adware, dialers, thieves and other different dangers including phishing and tracking threats. All these operation are performed by the program using several filters assigning into your system’s web browser along with associated clients installed in your desktop.


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Interactive and clear cut GUI:

With the intuitiveness possessed by the program, it is offering a very smooth and clean navigation process. The graphical user interface of the system is also appreciated by most of the users. The interface, which displays all the information is comprised of a simple panel and a pane of useful tools. This way, the program becomes quite simple to use and worth appreciating among common users.

This way, SpywareBlaster turns out to be an entire simple application for classified users that they can figure out how to handle it without facing any challenge, and even without using Help resources as well. The application offers distinctive support for different web based programs and actively helps you customizing the protection support. SpywareBlaster application has features entirely compatible with Internet Explorer, a selection of browsers similar with the category of Internet Explorer that is SeaMonkey, Firefox, Netscape Pale Moon and K-Meleon are also get support from the program.

SpywareBlaster distinguishes almost all the web programs, which you may use in your system to surf Internet, and additionally all the clients introduced with the system also will be protected by the program. The program offers certain customizations as well, such as you can enable it for certain websites, or entirely enabling it into the cookies and Activex safeguards for complete web protection.

Make a restore point and change a few parameters

The most important function of the program is the system snapshots, as you can create and restore the essential framework and program settings with spywareblaster by utilizing the wizard of the program and custom name option.

The settings offered by the application allow you to configure web pages and other settings within the browser such as the main page, search page, search bar. With these configuration options, you can make encryptions of the documents and folders placed in your PC. The program totally disables the Flash content and downloads, and make a rundown of ActiveX controls you need to block.

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The performance of the framework is pretty well and as the measure of functionality expected is generally low. The reaction time of the application SpywareBlaster is great, also the interface is natural and user friendly and as per the testing are made, the program does not offer any crashing or errors while being accessed by users.

To finish up, SpywareBlaster is a furious warrior against malware and it is highly successful as well. You can get SpywareBlaster for free, as it is light weighted program keeping user-friendly interface.


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