Subway Surfers for PC Download Easily on Windows 7/8

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From the very beginning of Subway Surfers game it is going through world tour and recently they had arrived in the Japan where you will find fresh new graphics inspired by the culture and subway looks of the original Japan. You can play this game on your Android or iOS device but how about playing it on your computer? Here is a guide on how to get Subway Surfers for PC download and this guide is going to comprise game features as well.

The game name is very popular among the endless running ones and I’m pretty sure that you’re going to love playing it on your computer as well. It had broken almost every record set by any other game earlier and you’re also going to like it for sure.

It receives new updates regularly which keep it updated with fresh graphics and new challenges which you need to accomplish as soon as you can or as soon as the next update arrives.

The main USP of this game is its cool graphics, fresh new regular updates and the very simple yet addictive game playing experience. In this guide here I’m sharing complete features of the game first and later I’ll share the installation process.

Subway Surfers

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Features of Subway Surfers game

I already told you which are the main attractions of this game but you can still know more about it in this part below here.

Subway Surfers for PC

  1. It got HD quality of graphics and perfectly addictive and matching sound effects which all together offers impressive game playing experience.
  2. It got many characters with whom you can play this game. You got couple of characters for free and rest you need to unlock by paying with the coins you earned while running.
  3. Yes you need to earn coins while running. There are many other special power ups too which you can grab and help yourself in getting high score easily and fast.
  4. It’s an endless running game which got no end. You need to make sure that you go as far as you can.

Subway Surfers for PC Download

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Subway Surfers for PC Download

Subway Surfers for PC can be downloaded easily and to do so you need to go through the simple steps mentioned below here.

  1. The very first thing you need to do is to get BlueStacks software which will allow you to do the installation of this game on your computer. You can’t get direct installation since game isn’t for PC platform yet.
  2. Install the BlueStacks software which you downloaded in previous step by double clicking its installation (.exe) file and then following on screen instructions. Once installation is completed then follow certain on screen instructions to get the software up for use.
  3. Start the software or it must be already running. There you will see a search tool. Enter ‘Subway Surfers’ term in the search tool and hit enter.
  4. Now at last, you will find the game in search results, click on ‘Install’ option in front of the game in search results then to complete the process.

This was the procedure you need to go through and now I’m pretty sure that you will end up with the process successfully. If you found error during installation of BlueStacks then you can fix that by updating the graphics driver version of your PC to its latest version and then retrying with the process again.

I hope you share this guide on how to get Subway Surfers for PC download with your social friends so that they can also join you in the game. You all can share high scores on Facebook account so it will be fun playing this game all together. If you still find any other problem then leave it in the comment section below and I’ll try to sort it out. Android Apps for PC Mero


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